Instrument of Defense Crescendo doesn't remove buffs

Instrument of Defense Crescendo is supposed to remove buffs from enemies. Guild City Boss 2 can get stacks which gives it extra damage, which I would classify as a buff. Defense Crescendo doesn’t remove those stacks.

As of this moment, Defense is still useless :confused:


Mishka for bard dev?

Do you mean it doesn’t remove buffs at all or just on this boss mechanic?

EDIT: Here’s what I tested and found

Broken Halls: Minotaur Enrage is NOT affected.
Crypt: Nothing to remove.
Sewer: Nothing to remove.
Airship: Influence Fate is NOT affected.
Mines: Nothing to remove.
Temple: Nothing to remove.

Guild City Raid:
Boss 1 confirmed doesn’t work.
Boss 2 confirmed doesn’t work.
Boss 3 confirmed doesn’t work
Boss 4 the adds get stacks, I can test that at a later date, but I’m not hopeful.
Boss 5 I don’t think has anything.

Citadel Raid:
Boss 1: Nothing to remove.
Boss 2: Nothing to remove.
Boss 3: Nothing to remove.
Boss 4: Nothing to remove.

Non Bosses:
Does not remove Link Shield.
Does not remove Bolster.

I have not tested in PvP because I don’t do PvP much.
Is there anything I’m missing?

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In conclusion: Instrument of Defense Crescendo is worthless at the moment. Protecting for 5% is also worthless as that will not save anybody from any attacks. This instrument will not see any use at any level of the game.

Also worth noting: Instrument of Protection Crescendo is not removing bleed stacks from Line Attack on Boss 2 Guild City/Airship. The Passive also won’t save anybody because of the mere 5% reduction. Lastly, the crescendo does not come up in time to follow the rotation of enemies that have Poison or Shadow Mark attacks. Musketeer Decurse Orb respawns in time (and can be bounced to hit everybody if need be), and Mages have no cooldown on Decurse.

These two instruments, while now passively working, are still useless.

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I have a feeling this works in PvP but not PvE as something similar with why the passives weren’t working before. I’ll have to take a look into it further after the weekend.


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