Interactive map v0.4.0A

I see you have a 6th zone… Did they open that up? I haven’t been that way yet since release day but it wasn’t available in the last beta.

Also, as a note: your map is now 90 degrees rotated from the game map (they rotated the world to make Highsteppe the southeastern corner)

That’s the battleground

The lamavora battleground is connected to the flooded rainforest…?

it is technically directly behind the cave yes. not sure if it is ‘connected’ though.

Silly question: is there a map online that I can look at for Reborn somewhere?

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I posted mine here and on my guild’s discord if you want a static map.

Edit: but if you’re looking for an interactive map, J’s (top of this thread) is the one you want.

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I just posted a new update for the interactive map which takes in to consideration pointing the ‘new north’ in game and also adds some locations mainly sourced from Atropos’ map.

Check it out. Download link in thread.


Thanks for the credit!

added a quick update which enables a compass to tell you if you are going in the correct direction or not and to tell you if your point of interest is in front or behind you etc.

EDIT: The latest update is v0.3.2A which has a fix for debug logging. I accidentally left the debug logger running indefinitely in the release which means that you get a massive log file (sorry about that). New link available at the thread linked at the top of this post.

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performance should be improved greatly in the last update.

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I just made a new release :slight_smile:


  • Some compass changes
  • Custom music per zone (rename the music folder to ‘music’ to activate and turn on auto zoom).
  • An ‘auto zoom’ mode which zooms in the map based upon your zone!
  • More nodes for herbs, ores, scrolls.

download it at the usual place

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Do you have the ELI5 instructions on how to run it anywhere?

  1. unzip with 7-zip or winrar.
  2. open the folder
  3. run this exe image

  1. optional: rename this folder to ‘music’ if you want your own custom music for each zone. each track must have the - appended at the beginning.

You might wanna start compressing it as .zip instead of .rar that way people can extract it with windows file explorer and won’t need any 3rd party programs.

Thanks J!! Also thanks for the music tip. That’s pretty cool. Going to check it out today.


  • Added a direction of movement indicator on the player.
  • Added new fish at locations
  • Fixed the autozoom feature so that it actually zooms to the correct locations.


Any chance you could snap a photo of those and send it my way so I can update the static map with fish locations too? :slight_smile:

the locations might actually be slightly off. What would be good is to download the map and youll get exact locations if you walk there… I was considering walking around the whole overworld and adjusting the node positions so they are as accurate as possible,

Honestly, all of mine (fish, herbs, minerals) were just placeholders in a general approximation. A lot of them get bunched up pretty heavily (think Obinobi camp with blade cactuses) so I throw one down where I think the approximate location would be.

For fish, I think it’s usually body-of-water based rather than distance in the water or something, right? In which case it matters less :stuck_out_tongue:

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yup fish doesnt matter so much