Reborn Map and Teleport Locations

Since the prior map post got derailed and closed…

Here’s the in-progress version of my map; I just updated today for the 10.73 update that shifted the world around clockwise. I may sporadically post this on the forums, but the most up-to-date ones will be posted in the Monday Knights’ discord under ‘the great library’.

Edit: if you like this map and want to help it reach more people, please comment so it stays near the top of the forum posts!

Map here. Click at your own risk (spoilers ahead, you've been warned!) - V8.2

'Water Locations' map for reference if you'd like to assist in locating all the fish! Shoot me a message or let me know below where you find any fish (still a spoiler, I guess)


Omg, finally a good map. Thanks!

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This is great, thank you for putting this together!

Couple quick notes from highsteppe area:

  • There is another teleport stone on the west wall, around halfway down, using the diamond rune and the ladder/H with two slanted crossbars.
  • You can get Grahthorp from the Sarrow cave
  • Might be worth labeling a few of the locations that show up on the compass, like the Green Lady Ruins (SW) and the Sarrow Cave.
  • Might be worth labeling some of the relevant quest locations like the small area where the spice thieves are. (Around race 4)
  • There is a scroll in the central tunnel.
  • There is a opened lore scroll in the SW corner in Green Lady Ruins. Not sure how those fit in with the journal page ones.
  • Might be nice to have the legend point out the pink dots are part of the fast travel network, and distinguishing between ones you can portal to and ones you can’t.
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:open_mouth: I missed a teleport location! I’ll find it and add. Thanks for pointing it out!

Yeah, the herbs and minerals is still hugely in progress. I don’t remember seeing grathorp there, but I’ll double check and add it if I find it.

I’m worried about things being too cluttered, but if I can do that without too much clutter I will. Was considering adding leaders to the labels anyway, to pull all of them off the map and into the background…

I can definitely do that, but it might be more worthwhile for someone to just reference the location in a walkthrough given that those are lore quests.

Thanks for pointing these out! Not yet sure what I want to do about the lore ones vs other scrolls…

A legend is hella necessary but also moderately challenging considering I don’t want to make the map too large (I personally prefer maps where I don’t need to zoom in to see teleports, for example, but can zoom in for details if I want). I’ll work on something.

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V2.2 out; I’ve made a couple of your changes and finished up the rainforest ingredients. Good catch on the hidden garden!

nice updates! ill likely use the map for ingredient locations cheers.

Original post is still pointing to the old one… new link?

Updated to v3.1 and revised above as well.

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We need this map in the player houses or on that blank wall in highsteppe. Well done!

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v3.3 live and revised above as well. In this update: most of Lamavora’s herbs and minerals, some more ‘hidden’ items. Also fairly confident I got everything on my legends finally (even some stuff I’m not sure will make it to the map, like legendary fish).

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I added this to my v3.4 (now up on our discord) and then tried to locate it but could not find. Can you verify again where you found it? A screenshot could be very helpful! (Also, I am putting lore scrolls down as open scrolls on the map)

I just wanted to say thank you for putting this together.

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Pretty sure I’ve seen phoenix fish nibble in the Highsteppe pond.


IIRC, I’ve seen them in the lower level. Are you referring to upper HS pond? or lower?

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v3.5 uploaded & updated above. In this update: some more Wastelands herbs, Wastelands minerals, some hidden items, and some fish locations.


v4.1 uploaded & updated above. In this update: some minor location names!

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I saw some cloak fish in the waste lands, clownfish in the rainforest, and frosted perch where the majestic fish is in the rainforest at sunset.

Where at? 20 characters

The cloak fish was caught in the same pond as the ridge backs on your map in the wastelands. Clown fish and the frosted perch were caught on the bridge north of the cave where da majestic de flounders can be caught, alongside eels and nibbles from bass.


Will add to next update! Thanks :slight_smile: