Player motivation

There’s also the motivation of being “the best you can be”, which is a step below just “the best”


When you’re the pioneer or part of the group, and trying to be the best you can be, that’s often how you become the best at something before you know it. Happens a lot when theres something new, having everyone on the same playing field.

Edit: with that same logic, to catch up you need to at least go as hard as “the best” has gone already.

I didn’t go into crazy detail as there’s already 40 options in the poll and each option felt long enough. When I say be the ‘best’ or ‘fastest’ I think you can decide what that means to you rather than anyone else. I could add a disclaimer on each of them saying ‘or the best you can be’. like with the ‘To beat shard dungeons (e.g. tier 10 in time or your own goal)’ most of the options could be to your own goal, I just worded it in the way of being number 1 because its easier to phrase.

I just want more skills besides talents as it gets bored doing same sword skills and talents into day to day basis…

Only runemages have a lot of skill to master unlike any other classes.

Add a class upgrade with alternative

Warrior Class
Quick attacks and 10 hit combos, critical, and more into the dps melee side. dual wielding instead of sword and shield

More tank abilities and shield oriented skills and some shield throwing maybe + spear or sword option.

Paladin Class
More support skills and additional tank skills and they can equip shields + Mace

More hammer throwing, thunder skills and any dps.
They can also may cast some thunder spells with their books

Scoundrel Class Upgrades:
Using automatic rifles/shotguns and grenades/smoke bombs for mid range fighting

long range sniping with handgun for close range

Ranger Class Upgrades
Automatic Crossbows fast attacks + dagger for melee/ this class can focus on dagger usage and crossbow for mid range.

long range arrows + more traps something like that

Bard Class Upgrade
More Damage buffs and buffs like increasing crit.
They will be using a guitar. They can attack using their guitar and cast damge sound spells

Using harp with more on buffs and heals and some magic skills for damaging. Maybe they can sing also :slight_smile:

Musketeer Class Upgrades:
They can dual wield their musket and have special ability like Summoning Cannons or bombardments
something more of dps

More support skills and they have a long musket with knife on the end for close range battless

Shaman Class Upgrades:
They can summon wolves or unearthly creatures and do the killing for them. Lazy Boys hahaha

They cast curses and voodoo things.

Runemage Class Upgrades: (sigh)
More runes to draw with AOE damages now.
Old spells is now easier to draw maybe :c

More runes to draw for Single DPS focus.

If this will happen, people will focus more in one path and i feel like i can travel farther into the world.

Thats just me and hope you can consider thia for future updates :slight_smile:

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Can you give a simple example of what you mean? I still don’t understand what your point was.

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I’m still just playing the demo. I probably won’t buy the game, but if someone were to gift me a game, I’d continue to play it. It’s not worth the price tag in my opinion.

I’d say I’m playing this game because it is trying to be a VR MMO, and it’s doing way better than some VR games that are based on pancake games (Stand Out, I’m looking at you). With that said, it’s difficult to love this game. There are many bugs, many QOL improvements needed (like properly showing me where I need to go), and lots of missing content, based on my demo experience. In the first 10 levels, I’m still in the first zone, and I’m really hoping there’s more than 5 levels (physical levels, not player levels) in this game, but it looks like there’s only 5 levels in this game. I’ve only been out to the Rainforest once and died immediately so I’ve only seen 3 levels total. Also the level cap is 30.

I don’t feel like I’m missing much by just playing the demo.

For one, you’re missing out on any content outside of the Highsteppe zone, realistically, and two dungeons, one raid (two tiers), and endgame shards.

I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for here. Vertical levels, as in height? Or zone differentiation? Either way, the Wastelands and Hulthines Basin do a good job adding vertical levels, while you are correct that there are 5 zones at present (not counting the Battlegrounds, 4 dungeons, the raid, or the Highsteppe city).

This one is unlikely to change. The Devs have repeatedly said their goal is to make it so you have to pay attention and learn the world. There will likely never be a map that points you specifically to where you need to be for every quest, though there are maps available (by J or myself) that can assist you in getting from point A to point B.

I think a few of the issues you mentioned are on the roadmap for this next quarter.

Fair, although the Steam store page says there’s 4 dungeons, end even then, I don’t feel like I’m missing that much.

EDIT: There are 4 Dungeons, my bad.

This is what I was referring to. This seems quite small for an MMO. I am glad they’re not linear, though.

The Dynamic map would be a big improvement. It’s tedious to have to flip through the book anytime I was trying to find a quest.

One quest I had an issue with was the one where you have to get the stolen spices. It mentions a “rope bridge” near an “Essence Portal” but there’s no “Essence Portal” only the “Chaos Portal.” I thought maybe this “Essence Portal” was on another zone or something. I eventually found it after finding the rope bridge.

I thought I made a real simple logical point… Here’s 2 examples:

  • “To be the best at your class and improve as much as possible” - improve as much as possible, sure, that is my goal, being the best - compared with others - nope. I would not even know how to measure or check that, no one got a full overview over all player’s skills in the game (and even then it’s debatable who’s the ‘best’ healer, tank etc.)
  • “To be the richest/earn lots of dram” - again 2 very different goals mixed up. To earn lotsa dram, sure, I want that, but being the richest, no. That is another goal where I don’t only focus on what I do, but on what others do. And again a goal noone can really aim at, because noone got an overview over dram amounts of players.

I might become the richest automatically, sure, if I focus on earning dram (same like with focusing on the class), but the focus is entirely different. Either I wanna beat others or if I wanna get better no matter what others do or not do. The pure desire to top others has some fully other, imo negative, side-effects. There are those ppl btw who are already satisfied once they are top in a group, for example. And if being top would be the only motivation then it’s logically important to keep others below; which kinda kills a pve-community, helping others to improve, buffs for other classes and so on is all a risk for the self-set goal.
In the dram-example, if I anyone’s goal would really be to be the “richest”, then I would have an interest of others loosing dram; I might even bid against them and so on. If I just want lotsa dram all that is irrelevant, I’m happy for others if they also earn alot.

But this is just a logical issue, several stated by now it’s just perhaps not well-worded or can be interpreted as “as good as you can be”, then it is all not really important, just was stating why I was not ticking those options, though I strongly agree with one half of em.

There are 4, yes. But 2 are geared towards level 20 and you and other demo players will have a hard time doing them unless you get a lucky group, whereas the first two are geared towards level 10.

There is a map I made that has the vast majority of the world’s information in one place ( Reborn Map and Teleport Locations ) and J’s interactive map that has a lot of stuff as well, including added music features and a “gps” system

I think you are think into this too much. “Be the best at your class” should be interpreted as “aspiring” to be the best, so you have the drive to achieve that. That’s why it said “To be the best at your class and improve as much as possible.” It probably should have said To be one of the best/the best at your class to avoid confusion.

ok that was the unclear part. Thanks.

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Definitely “having a reason to live” in the game is a key factor. It is having an excitement to “live” in Orbus. For that, it is important to have a main quest line that catches us and motivates us to discover what happens and that make us dream of explore new, exotic and mysterious places talking us about them in advance to open our curiosity and desire to go there.

When I think about my perfect Orbus game, I think in fantasy, narrative, a mysterious world, beautiful landscapes and places where to go alone or with friends, an inn and, above all, a clear and main purpose (or few) that involves us into the world.


Two other motivations for joining the game that I miss in the list:

  • Having the habit and rhythm of coming back around same time everyday (addiction? xD)
  • Hoarding :grimacing:

No its not. :wink:

Riley smaaaaash is the best healer duuuuh.

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For me it’s just a chore now, do my dailies and spend too much time waiting to get a good shard group.


I’ve got friends here that are so positive and supporting. This game and the players in it help me relax and take me away from a very anxiety-ridden mundane life.

Sparky, Promie, Charlol, Meg, Sinya, Scott… special shoutout to you lot for always being so positive with me. You guys rock.



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