Well, I started ReBorn today and...some thoughts

To be fair, VR should demand a premium price, since it severely limits the audience and increases the development costs. And comparisons to Rec Room are unfair, since it’s ostensibly a loss leader for some greater VR monetization effort, kept afloat by investors hoping it’s the next Facebook or something.

I’m not going to argue what the exact right price is, because I think the only thing the devs did outright wrong with selling the game is not keeping the “Early Access” marker. Basically, Orbus VR is the one game that made me break my “no early access” rule. I hate early access for lots of reasons. Unfortunately, were I to tally all my pet peeves with early access and check them against Oldbus and Reborn, Reborn would beat Oldbus 2-to-1. Had I stuck to my guns and waited to buy the game on “release”, I’m pretty sure I would have dropped it immediately.

Rec Room was just the first thing to come to mind as it’s the last game I played until I jumped into Orbus - just an example. As for premium pricing I completely disagree with you as it’s a budding technology with a pretty steep hardware cost - so the software should be dead cheap in order to maintain interest and keep a steady rise. Most games I never buy from the Oculus store because I can get the same title on steam usually at around an 85% discount. I regret not buying it through Steam as I checked reviews and discussions on Steam and the sentiment is pretty much the same all around.

I mean have a look around - my opinions and concerns are not just my own. There are a ton of people out there with nothing but regret in purchasing this title. I’ll check the content update but if I’m not satisfied I’ll uninstall and move on.

I actually LOVE early access titles - my steam library is full of them. I contribute and test and review all kinds of titles - but when purchasing them I knew full well it was EA and I paid an EA price (Usually $10)

But this was sold as a completed game and purchased at a premium price - which is clearly not true.

To be fair, a lot of the tutorial information, FAQs, and animations were added into this game on Reborn. We got to see a good deal of it during Beta, but you have to remember that we were almost all experienced players in that, so the tutorials were slightly refined with what we thought might be helpful. Is it enough? Maybe not. Some of us have also suggested having instanced “tutorials” for each class that you can go through to learn precisely how to play it at a basic level.

Fairly confident that it is explained in character creation that you can edit the features using the blue orbs. Perhaps that note should be larger or something.
Edit: tried to make a new character; totally not there. @Riley_D that might be something important to add hahaha…

The Report feature, I am perhaps with you on. That said, unless you have a need to report, there’s not really a pressing need to know how to do it. -shrug-

A lot of games are released with pending future content patches that increase the scope of the game over time.

To each their own, I suppose.

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@anon88892761 I’m sorry you’ve been having a difficult beginning, while there is definitely more info than before, i agree, it’s still very easy to be lost. After taking a long break due to personal reasons, I feel a bit lost too, new world, new quest types, plenty of things that I don’t know about or have forgotten. But I’m learning, and the community, as you said is wonderful, I’m having fun rediscovering everything again. I disagree on the price value, I’ve just bought the Quest and of course Orbus again at full price, with no regrets. My hubby is a console gamer, many of his games retail at $80Can, yes they are well made games, but once done after a week or two, have almost no replay value, no new content. Orbus does have its share of bugs, but the dev team are working through them, learning from the community via constructive, sometimes non-constructive posts, and releasing more content, the replay value is there, some in the community have hundreds of hours, a few more than a thousand. The number of hours is not for everyone, but it does show the continuous playability of the game.
If you did find some enjoyment in playing, then I do hope that you’ll try some more, in my opinion it does get better.


It’s not just me having a difficult beginning (Admittedly difficult not being the proper term more like confused or bored) I can’t compare using the Oculus store, but using Steam just checking most recent and negative reviews you can easily see people barely put in three hours before giving up. Upon reading said reviews you can see that there is a common thread among a lot of them - that being there isn’t enough starting information to make the player feel confident in continuing.

After the reboot OrbusVR became a really confusing experience
“* None of this shows up in your map, which is multiple pages of this book you carry. No points of interest on the map. You don’t show on the map. It’s literally like having a hand drawn map of each area, which means you will be completely lost after you’re done with the starting area.*”
" I couldn’t figure out how to open my map"
I tried. I really tried. I have not found anything to keep me playing. I just kept walking, lonely, lost, from point a to b.

I’m not trying to disparage the entirety of the game itself, but just a few of these reviews as I scrolled with less than an hour of playtime. To me that shows a true lack of immersion/lack of knowledge/tutorials/confusion

I paid the money, just like everyone else. Just hope that in the long run we’ll see a population greater than 300 players on any given day.
Am I mad? A bit. But I’m here aren’t I? Trying to give suggestions to perhaps make game play smoother and better for the general population. I obviously want to continue to play it, otherwise I’d just uninstall and demand a refund or give it a negative review. But little things like being able to move the balls around on your character - C’mon it’s pretty trivial stuff but is frustrating to learn after the fact. Fishing, Lore, Etc it should all be well explained.

I guess wait and see what the update has in store.

There is definitely a lot that is missing if you don’t have or don’t know about the community resources. The world map, for instance, which has all of these things and more (Reborn Map and Teleport Locations), the wikis that explain a lot of game principles, etc.

Edit: one of the things I think that this game is good for is the community. If people are afraid to ask for help or to meet new people, I don’t know if they’ll enjoy the game in general (especially given end game content being group content). You kinda have to be social a bit. Which also involves asking for help or for directions that a lot of us have and know about

I literally chased a lvl 30 down last night trying to figure out where the spice thieves were haha. I’m not at all frightened at the social aspect and everyone I have met has been nothing but kind and willing. I’ve already made a couple of friends and thinking about a fellowship.

That being said there are things I shouldn’t have to wonder about or have to ask in how to perform basic tasks/functions or the like. I should not be confused at the very beginning of the game, rather I should be confused at the end game where tiny tweaks/upgrades/roles actually matter or how many things I need to upgrade this epic for what specific talent/etc. The whole thing is backwards imo.

EDIT: FOR example the Scoundrel class. Opening the journal and going to the class abilities it lists the cards and what they do and then at the bottom there is another category called “empower” it then lists a couple sets of cards and when burned will give an effect. So I’m like, ok cool

I believe this to be a dated journal, because on mine now it has them listed like VINE + ICE which, to me, means that I need to burn vine and ice to get that effect. So I’m trying to figure out - so…I put vine on my belt and wait for ice then use vine and burn ice, or what…but then someone on these forums stated that its either/or card burned will give that effect to whatever card you have up. So, in actuality the explanation itself should be VINE OR ICE burned will gain the effect of card in use.
Do you see what I mean? It’s horribly frustrating when the answer is so simple, but yet I had to spend a couple hours looking for an answer.

I’m not disagreeing, starting out in Reborn, was/is confusing, and I can understand that new players with just a couple hours in wouldn’t like the game. There’s not a lot of info, granted I probably skipped something, thinking I knew what I was doing :rofl:
I had lots of fun in old Orbus, I know I’ll be able to have fun in Reborn, eventually I’ll figure the new stuff out, so I’m gonna continue playing, I’ll take a break when I get stumped again, try something different in-game until I eventually figure it out, or ask the Community if I’m really stuck.
I know the devs read the forums actively, they mightn’t participate in the threads, but they do read and try to develop ways to make the experience better based on what we discuss. I’m confident that the experience for new players will get better.

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Oh they are definitely reading as I’ve been flagged already a couple of times by them. That’s fine, they can hide it away I suppose after all it’s their game and their forum. Hopefully they understand that I’m not trying to be a total brute, but as an experienced gamer who saved for two years to get a VR set and this being one of the only titles I paid top dollar for - I’d imagine their would be a certain quality. Though when I played it for the first time way back when it stated in the description it was undergoing changes, that’s fine. I let it sit and then all of the sudden it became a brand new game - so I’m thinking WOW they must of really made some HUGE changes I can’t wait~!
Annnnnd I get lost and don’t know how to fish or why “shard” is on the menu screen giving me options of weird WV_Z or something.
Q a dungeon get in there and the healer has no idea what he/she is doing or the tank rage quits and the spot doesn’t auto fill
Discovering their are rooms in my place like Library where there are books that you cannot grab and a few you can but have one sentence in them.
I’m sorry but these things are just flat out unacceptable and I now understand why so many people never leave the starting area.
Again, hopefully the update will fix some of these issues. If not, I’ll uninstall and give it another year.

I honestly think that at some point keeping track of what all is being done and what all may necessitate an explanation is probably a full time job. There are a lot of things that have changed, are changing, or will likely be changed, and it’s definitely a lot to keep up with.

For particulars, in case those were questions for yourself rather than just examples: for getting lost, I would recommend the map or paying attention to your compass or the signposts as you travel. The shards are instances of the world because otherwise it would get too laggy with too many people at once. Once the game hits 40 in a zone, it spawns another shard, which can be switched to. It hard caps at 100. The labels are randomly generated code.

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LMAO I eventually assumed the same, but seriously it’s called a shard? Now I farm shards, do shard dungeon runs, break items down into mini shards, shards shards shards and now the worlds are called shards?

It’s so confusing for real! I thought SHARD on the menu had something to do with the shards that everyone is talking about at end game level!


I would love to use the map/compass I open the journal and go to the map, but where am I in relation to anything? I have no idea! Check the signs sure, heading in the right direction sure enemies with tiny triangles no problem then all the sudden I’m dead because a super uber group aggro’d me from out of nowhere.

Example the mayor’s very first lore quest is to get spice from thieves and she mentions that they were last seen by the rope bridge near the essence portal. Open the map and please show me where the essence portal is located.

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A lot of the comments you’ve made make it seem like you haven’t really played the game that much or interacted with other players. A really great part of this game is watching it grow and change and being part of the community. I agree, it would be great if there was crafting and such but the amount of work required for that is tremendous for a vr game. I also agree that there should be way more of a variety of mobs. Regardless, I have gotten around 300 hours of gameplay out of this game SO FAR, no other vr game I play even comes close to that. I’m not sure if your just trolling or you legit think you’ve done and seen it all in ten hours of gameplay.

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I didn’t think the OP was trolling. Many of his concerns are real issues with the game.

I played OG and recently came back to Orbus a couple weeks ago. I decided to reroll and play a totally new character and one of the new classes. I have to admit that the new starting experience is not nearly as good as the OG orbus experience was. I’m not sure I would have been able to get hooked like I did in OG if I was just playing for the first time now. So yah, I do see what the OP is getting at…and its valid imo. He certainly wasn’t just trolling.

I really enjoyed the lore quest in OG. It actually worked like a standard MMO. It was well written with characters, plot and lore…it had a a long line of quests that led you to side quests. You could get off the beaten path (and I frequently did) for days in the new areas quests. The world unfolded naturally and I felt like there was well designed flow while still being an open world game.

I don’t know why they changed it. They put a ton of time into OG design and then threw lots of it away for no reason that I can tell.

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You’re joking, right? The topic of this post is I STARTED reborn today and in my first couple hours I did all the obvious stuff and came here with some thoughts on how to make it better/less confusing. I literally learned everything I need to know now regarding lore quests, fishing, end game content, shard farming, world bosses, using compass/map, character creation how to operate the scoundrel class, stat points affecting every character, breeding dragons, end game potion usage. Seriously, take a read through - I had to come here to learn everything that I should of learned in game the first hours of playtime.

WTF how can you possibly think that this is a troll post when I literally spent hours explaining the issues I encountered when playing and offering suggestions on fixes and learning workarounds from the other players.

Either you just “scan” as you go or just post to add to your watch list, but obviously some of you are not paying attention here. I am a NEW PLAYER and my EXPERIENCE WAS THIS and THESE ARE THE ISSUES I HAD AND THIS IS WHAT I THINK WILL WORK TO KEEP PLAYERS PLAYING.


Lol. So feisty!
Welcome to the community but don’t get yourself banned now :wink:


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Main story line is coming. Loor quests are side stories and we have asked to get them more open.

Should be the in the dialog before you get a option to open the quest/npc trading window.

As far as I know they have bin a bit restricted adding dialog and text because they are making sure everything is going to be translatable in upcoming patches.

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Yes update on the 11th. Lore quests are tiny speech bubbles “Learn more!” but there are huge buttons that say QUEST. Honestly I tried to talk to LOCAL and he didn’t say anything but the same thing over and over, I figured all speech bubble icons would give some inane comment about the weather or earthquakes or whatever, so I ignored them. Guess what? Many new players are doing the same thing and having the same confusing startup.

Open the journal to take on some spice thieves and the clue says that they were spotted near the rope bridge near the essence portal - Got it - open the map and it’s not there. Anyone care to show me on the map where the ESSENCE PORTAL is? Guess what? You can’t - but none of you care because you played OG and already know where it was I assume.

So now I’m wandering around trying to figure out where ESSENCE PORTAL IS and the only thing showing on my compass are RANDALL GREEN ANNE SOMETHING and NORTH. I go too far and die, now I’m completely lost because I don’t know what graveyard I rezzed in.

I ask the guy next to me and he doesn’t know either. We group up and just start randomly killing things until he gets bored and logs out. I use the portal to go back to town and hook up with a couple lvl 30’s and literally go kill a WORLD BOSS.

Haha. The teleportation device should get you home again.
The map room in your house should help with that. Quite a cool place. I just wish it was in the guildhall