Well, I started ReBorn today and...some thoughts

Greetings! Almost a year ago I remember purchasing Orbus and thinking “well, all that time in EQ and WoW and now this.” but hey, it’s VR MMO! I’m not gonna pass on that!

I didn’t even make it out of the starting zone before giving up.

Then ReBorn comes along. I thought I’d give it a shot today. Deleted my Old character started an archer/ranger and well, made it to lvl 3 before I finally got fed up with my super low DPS. Took an hour break and talked to some people (GREAT COMMUNITY) and suggested I create a scoundrel. OK!

Put about 7 hours in, and to be honest - I think I pretty much did everything you can do! Maybe I’m missing something…I did some quests got some rep - got a hoverboard - killed two world bosses - got a ring and two capes - Q’d for dungeons - ran three of them - did some dragon racing - great.

Now what? Literally the only quests available to me now are to go and catch critters and join a PVP battle but I sat in Q for an hour and nothing started. Oh, and kill random monsters in the world and fish.

The alchemy crafting is cool - but I’m color blind so I can’t see the difference between the green and yellow so all of my potions failed. I tried to use the wardrobe but I honestly have no idea what it’s for. I put my potions on a shelf and tried to figure out what that bench in the basement is for, but couldn’t.

I put some dragons in the glass. Went to the library but there is nothing there, training room, nothing, other room, nothing.

Went out to farm some stuff for alchemy but honestly it’s just vast and empty with nothing except enemies.

Listen, this isn’t a rant. I played WoW for literally 8 years every single day. I was a server mod on Everquest for three years and had an armory shop. I’m a veteran as many of the other players.

Not even ten hours in and I’m already starving for content. Where is the grind? Where are the upgrades? Where are the talent/skills/perks? Where is a LFG function for specific quests? Where are the PvP battlefields? All I see is emptiness and bland green landscapes. World events happen so quickly that they are over by the time I arrive because everyone I think is just as starved.
To be fair I didn’t meet one single ass. Every person was genuine and good. I’d like to stay, but I’m at a point where there is literally nothing to do.
Should I give it another year?

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A similar issue a lot of us had. The Devs took it from Oldbus where the grind was extremely painful and took forever to a new world they’re still refining where the experience matters a little less and thus takes less time to level up. They’re re-introducing some mechanics to make grinding a thing again. Check it out here: New Dev Blog: Raid Beta and Bringing Back the Overworld

Upgrades to your equipment come from shards and raids, which are end-game content, as well as the +1 items from running dungeons.

These you get as you level up in each class, starting at level 5 and finishing off at top level. You select them via your inventory (look for “talents” tab).

Still missing at the moment, but there are discord locations for this, as well as a LFG posting that you can use in general. You can also hit up highsteppe and ask around.

There’s the PvP Battleground queue, which can sometimes take a while to join if there’s limited players online. In addition to that, they’re adding a Trickster Goblin mechanic to bring back some overworld pvp. See the same link as above.

I’d say give it a try next week. Post if you have issues, and the devs will listen and generally try to fix things to make it better.


The only things I’d add to Atropos’ response are these:


Upgrading epic gear I can totally understand, but there should be something except dyes to improve what you have got on. I get it that you get mad loot and most of it doesn’t even last a lvl, but seriously maybe an enchanter or crafted upgrades?

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So, there’s an Infusion Specialist who will allow you to ‘combine’ your alike items to better one of them (by raising the stat buffs). There is also a set of affixes to roll on each item, particularly important for weapons depending on what style of play you have (unbending, giant killer, etc.). There’s also artificing (see below)

Alphabet has gotten good at world bosses with quite a bit of practice. If you partook in the world boss event this weekend, that would be their 6th? event and also has many more players than would realistically be the “ideal” that the devs balanced them for. Imagine in WoW or any other game if there was a boss fit for 20 that 60 came to fight. I personally have seen us wipe (even with the numbers) on several of these bosses as we learned their mechanics.

Each event is a little different. Some require a bit more focus and coordination, but generally they also scale based on the number of players that are there. The one that always has the highest population, and also happens to be the easiest to finish, is Last Stand (“fence defense”) at the Highsteppe Gate. Take a look at Knights’ Fort (Lamavora Battlegrounds) if you want a challenge and want something a little different; that one is finally do-able but is still quite challenging.

Another form for upgrading is artificing, which uses artificing runes generated through the alchemy table to upgrade your items, and requires that you have a firm grasp of your class skills and rotation to use it effectively.
We are also expecting to get “tinkering” in the future, likely a couple months post raid release, as a new crafting system. No real word on what that entails yet.

The dragons are probably colored differently than store dragons, and are bred specifically for their colors and sizes.

I also hope that this will be added in the future; I know there was some discussion previously about adding home-improvement systems of some kind. Has not hit the game yet.

The RNG gods did not smile upon you, I suppose. You can at the very least use the loot you received (if a wearable item) at the infusion specialist to combine them into something better or deconstruct into a crystal to reroll an affix.

World bosses are just get a bunch of people burn the boss while ignoring the mechanics and graveyard rushing as it is now, not much strategy. And when u don’t have enough people to ignore the mechanics people just yell at you for telling them to do the mechanics saying that’s stupid and to just ignore them :man_shrugging:


More like overgeared tanks ignoring the mechanics… most empowered and dots can be ignored.
In sure we could do most of them with 0 deaths to be fair, if we where switching tanks, managing adds and controlling jumps.

Have you done the lore quests? Press the little talk bubble in the corner of any questgiver.

On the 11th there will be 10man raids coming out as well, that hopefully up the chalenge a bit. Other then that, shard dungeons for level 30 players have some new mechanics not implemented in the scaled dungeons.

was not aware of lore quests, have to check that out. Right now I thought I’d give fishing a go. Made about 20 lures I’ve been through 6 and have caught one fish. I keep getting “your line has snapped” or “you didn’t hook the fish”

When the controler vibrates, tug the line.(or you get “you diddent hock the fish”) When the line turnes red, stop reeling in untill it goes white. (Or the line will snap)

Fish sent detractors help a lot.

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Friendly player came beside me for a little fishing as well. I gave him half my lures and he explained it to me.
But I’m color blind, and that red is so subtle. I did manage 13 catches though.
Sadly they are all sunfish, which do nothing except make healing potions but I fail the lab because I can’t tell when turquoise turns to yellow to green.
Everything is color coded in this game haha.

Which sound great. 10 man raids grinding shards to improve your gear. But let me offer an example. You get all your shards and max your gear. What’s left to kill? You did all that work and the reward is nothing. I learned that the hard way playing Monster Hunter.

Need something different. You max out your gear for example. Ok, take up carpentry and open a shop.

Oh and another thing. I have not used one single potion since I started. Why? There is simply no need and there are no descriptions as to what some of them do, like potion of ikecacc (SP) and for example what would be a good potion buff for a scoundrel? I have yet to see one for agility or crit chance.

I have found that you can reliably do things without considering the color:

For fishing, just hook and then reel about 10x, let go for a couple seconds, reel 10x, repeat.

For potion crafting, it makes a bubbly sound and a whoosh when it changes states. Just remember it always starts at blue and goes to blue after adding ingredients and you should be good there.

But for the colorblind, @Riley_D any chance to add a number code on the side or something?

Potion of Ithecac is like doing drugs. Hallucinogenic potion that lets you see things that aren’t really there. Very surreal.

For a scoundrel, your best bet is Strength and Empowered Strikes, though Int should impact a few of your abilities. Strength will increase your damage slightly and Empowered Strikes is a crit potion.


Ideally (and theoretically), we’ll be seeing content updates and more things to do as the game progresses and develops. I’m personally quite excited by the overworld rebuff they’re releasing on Tuesday with the ability to impact the world and help forge new locations. Watching a world grow around you can be quite fulfilling, particularly if you get to feel your own impact to it.

Edit: on the other hand, though, this is a game. Just like other games, there’s eventually going to be a limit on what can be done between content patches.

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Getting perfect gear and max stats on them takes quite some time and a hell of a lot of luck, it will likely never happen due to more content being added in future patches, sure you can get close and then just say good enough, it really depends how much you want to min/max

Currently shard dungeons go from level 1 to 10, 10 are difficult for sure and have mostly been cleared by the experienced players from old orbus which were clearing them in that version of the game, for those that like challenge there are unofficial leaderboards for fastest times on shards which you can check out here https://armory.orbus.xyz/#/pveprogression

It really depends what you want out of the game, if you want to grind, then the content patch on Tuesday will be your thing

Oh I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to get what you want. I was merely suggesting that there should be other avenues to explore rather than that being an ultimate goal. For example I love building games like Minecraft and/or 7 days to Die. Rather than having Riley literally build the entire environment for example - give us a grind for rep/recipes and let us build.

the short answer is to farm shards. that will keep you busy and increase the difficulty of the encounters.

after that, you might try leveling an alt (especially after they add the grinding mechanic next week).

did you manage to get to max level in 7 hours on your scoundrel? if not you have that to do too…

you’re right that orbus isn’t anywhere NEAR the content of the old school mmorpgs (EQ, WoW, etc.), but you’re exaggerating that you have nothing left to do after a single full day of playing.

The problem with that is Shards are a very group based activity. There’s no Queue for them, even, so you’ll need to be involved with the community in some way.

If you’re a solo player, there’s really not much content. You can do all the events over and over again. You can queue for normal dungeons. Soon, you’ll be able to GRINDING in the overworld, but even that lacks a little something.

If you hear all this and go “but it’s an MMO! Being social is part of it”, you should recognize a few things:

  • All MMOs have a sizable solo population. This is well documented, and happens for many reasons. Perhaps they want to play with their friends, but can’t. Maybe they want to try it out before suggesting it to their friends. Catering to that group is essential.
  • Even players interested in group content may need to climb a “social difficulty curve”. Imagine a salesman making cold calls and you can get a sense for the difficulties of poorly designed or missing social features.
  • Related to the above, many players interested in group content will still need or benefit from features like queues.

No, I didn’t manage to cap after a day of playing, but lvl 11 is pretty substantial tbh. I hope that similar to WoW it’s pretty easy to grind to lvl 20 but then after that it becomes lengthy.

I always exaggerate, but C’mon let’s be honest here - while I wasn’t aware of the lore quests (which seem to be to just click some dialog and kill things and then continue) - it’s the same 6 or 7 NPC’s that give the exact same quests types according to your lvl. Once you turn them in you get rep - which the rewards are nothing special. The most important one (hoverboard) I got within two hours. Playing WoW back in the day you couldn’t even get a mount until lvl 20 and then you had to grind gold to buy one. After a day of playing I had almost 10000 Dram (Bought two dragons and a treat that said it would influence size but when I gave it to him nothing happened)
Let’s say I rep up fishing and get the uber rod - chances are it will operate the exact same way my beginner one does with the tiny red line and wonky reel.

Leveling alts should be the very last thing you should be doing as a new player trying to learn to play the initial class. To be honest if I were to start an alt I would be doing the exact same things, where’s the fun in that? Why aren’t there class specific lines of questing?

Again, not complaining but I logged this morning and entered dungeon Q got to the final boss and group rage quit.

Dragons dont change like that
Read the dragon breething manual (in your library i think) that is to keep that dragons size when you breed two dragons together.

Also, you really need to read the lore quest diolog or you are likely to get stuck. The info saved in the compass is not enough usually.


If I recall correctly, in Dungeons it was changed from +6/-4 to +3/-3. It was as a test and I’m not sure if that stayed or if they’ve reverted it. I haven’t seen anything since, so I assume it’s what they’ve kept

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