New Dev Blog: Raid Beta and Bringing Back the Overworld


Hey everyone,

We’ve posted a new Dev Blog with some additional details on the Raid Beta as well as the new questlines and other mechanics that are going to launch on the patch on June 11th. Read on for more details:


Well, I started ReBorn today and...some thoughts

Exciting! Love the trickster goblin idea, looking forward to finding it as a PVE player so I can watch the PVP battle :smiley:


Cool! Very much looking forward to the Introspective Never Dull Ingenious New Gathering Device :smiley: !


Super hyped! I have only one concern:

Will this be some sort of predictable schedule or otherwise discoverable? I’d hate to never see it because I’m not on at the right times.


Why was the trickster goblin made to spawn randomly in different zones? This makes it waaaay to easy to cheese. If u pack speed pots and invisible pots u can get the tokens, and in under 30 seconds get to a teleport stone. Unlike in oldbus where everyone knew where the fight is, the new randomness just adds a bit of chaos that will lead to less fights.
After the initial launch of the original chest there were usually no more than groups of 3, so if that stays the same now there is a chance that all members of the same team go to wrong locations, and then 1 solo player guesses right. Because of RNG and RNG only that solo player gets the chest without having to fight at all.
In all zones u can teleport, unlike in the oldbus. Teleport stones can be used in PvP and are scattered through out all zones. As a paladin in combat I can get from any point in any zone in under 30 seconds. With speed pots that number goes down even more. This makes it very easy just to run and not to fight.
The random locations also get rid of teamwork. Unless the goblin is some god who takes ages to kill, which would be making the pvp event a pve one, there will never be any large scale fights anymore. Everyone will be forced to split up their team to search, and whoever gets to the chest first gets it, and maybe at worst has to fight up another split up team
Also how are we supposed to know when the chest is gotten? Since there isn’t a guaranteed spot it’s in, it would be very easy to never know it was grabbed and then have to gamble whether or not to keep looking.
Also safe zones are a huge issue. For whatever reason as it is now even if u are in the middle of combat u can run into a safe zone and be safe, which makes no sense. If it is left the way it is now there will be MANY times a person has the tokens, runs into a safe zone on no health, logs out to get out of combat, then teleports home. It happens a ton as it is now. Probability not as much as teleport stones tho

Will add more as I think of it

Is it 8-10 hours because u haven’t decided, or will it constantly be changing? Because if it’s constantly changing it’s just RNG for everything involved


I was thinking the same thing. I am hoping that it spawns randomly with in the 8 to 10 hour range and not on a specific timer. I am assuming that some groups will use PVE players to report the location to PVP players without the worry of being killed. Can a raid group get the drop?


The trickster goblin looks like fun. A suggestion I have is to make it so any person that picks up the trickster tokens has to walk back to Highsteppe and has a beam or a glow on them so players know who has it to increase the PvP fun. This could also be a server side message just to PvP players of who has the tokens and put their location on all the pvp players compass. Also, you should make it so you can not use potions if you pick up the tokens.


“When they spawn, a server-side announcement will be broadcast to all players informing them of the zone that they are in.”

Doesn’t seem like that’ll be an issue.

That said, besides the timing issue, I think a lot of this might be worth a “wait and see”. You’re borrowing a lot of problems that might not exist.

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Misread that, but on a smaller scale the issue will be the same in each zone. And even with a whole group looking in different directions in the same zone teleport pillars are still so close back up usually won’t arrive in time

And from past experience if u don’t bring the problems up early u will have to wait weeks for anything to change after the fact because focus has already shifted, especially in pvp. Can give examples but don’t think it’s necessary or worth it


Ye was about to say that… as long as if the message is a few mins earlier, not right on spawn, everyone can head there.

As for people logging out, intentionally or crashing, there’s no way to prevent that, it will happen either way and the 30sec logout timer - which should be restricted in reborn to people with pvp on ONLY btw, no clue why pve players stuck in combat need to suffer from that, still - should be plenty time to kill the player before hes gone, just as it happend around the old trickster chest.


Based on a lot of teleport concerns, I feel like there should be a “main” teleporter in each zone and all the others are disabled during trickster Goblin times. Nobody would be about to exit through any except the one with ritual symbols, for example.


Not in safe zones


Disable safe zones during Trickster Goblin times as well :joy:

But seriously.

I’d also like to take a moment while we’re pulling our hair out over the minutiae of balance for this totally untested feature that the Trickster Goblin is adorable and I can’t wait to see him in game.


I think this route allows some non guilded PVP players to have some chance at getting the prize. Otherwise it turns into old Orbus where the top 3 guilds battle and others are just out of luck. Of course with more members on your team, the greater the chances of capturing the prize.


The problem is, it doesn’t encourage PvP. You mine as well just put a rare monster that anyone can kill. The purpose of the trickster goblin is to promote fighting over the tokens.


You can make the Trickster Goblin have a light beam just like the public events, and when you grab it you are the light beam and safe zones, login out and teleporting is impossible to make use of for say 10 mins. Then a fight will definitely be encouraged.

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I’m not going to complain before I get to test it out. The trixter goblin could be really good.

It’s a enemy that moves, im hoping its not a oneshot. so why not just give the mob a ton of health, and some really loud attacks? Add a 5 min battle for a smal group, aoe attacks, and such and I’m sure you will get plenty of pvp action.


A must say im more intrested in the grinding gizmo :slight_smile:

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I will disagree with this statement. The sole purpose of this “quest” is to encourage people have PVP turned on or at least give them a reason to venture out into the overworld with it turned on. This does encourage PVP to happen more by chance, it does not by default encourage more large scale battles as it would if it spawned at the same time and in the same locations. I just know that I did not participate in the old tricker chests because I did not have a team, this at least, to me, makes it seem like I might have some chance at getting to the prize even if I know I probably wouldn’t keep the unless I could avoid other PVP players as I have no one to back me up to keep me alive.


Looks like a good patch adding a good variety of content, good work. I will enjoy dieing to the raid bosses multiple times :wink:

Quick question though: Will being a ‘bandit’ return for the trickster goblin (or something similiar)? that way the token holder can’t just leave before anyone has a chance to fight them.

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