Intro and up to date questions

Hell everyone long time follower of the game but first time player. I am super excited to be playing. I am a seasoned MMO player starting from Ultima online, EQ, FFXI ( made me love the no holding your hands actually feel accomplishment type games), WoW, you name it I have an account / character. I am very hardcore into pve / raiding etc ( which is partly why I put off playing this until it was more established ).

My question is, I have followed the videos and everything I could find for a long time. Once 2020 hit there is almost no updated videos or guides. A for instance is Scoundrel which I’m playing an enjoying. I researched every page I could before playing. To my surprise when i curved a bullet I didnt see a “rank X” pop up. Instead it’s a card icon with no # or letter etc to let me know what rank it is. I’m assuming there was a change made but it’s not listed in my journal, or any videos, guides etc. What’s the easiest way to find current up to date information? I still have yet to figure it out but wanted to do a quick intro and figured this would be good place to start.

Name is Rivendor and I will be on alot if anyone needs a hand or wants to help. I’m making my way further out and I think I’m catching on lol ( p.S I have had this name long long long before any certain game decided to steal it just fyi )

The blue box at the top of the forums highlights some really good resources (maps, wikis, etc.). The Unofficial Discord is another place to check out - if you have questions, someone there likely has an answer :upside_down_face:

PKIllusion1 (Mishka)'s YT videos are some of the most comprehensive, but there are others linked on the Discord as well.

As far as changes, one place to look is the OrbusVR blog - that’s where they publish major updates. The Announcements section of this forum is another good place to check out.

Keep in mind, any video older than April 2019-ish may be referring to original Orbus, rather than Reborn and is not relevant.

I promise I have up to date videos on my channel, as KetVet mentioned above :slight_smile: There are some older ones, but I try to keep everything updated as soon as I can. Unfortunately Scoundrel, specifically, is one of my least played DPS classes so I’m a bit behind on an updated video for that. There was a patch recently (only been a few months and I haven’t finished testing everything) so I’m trying to catch up on data, but in the meantime Scott’s Advanced Scoundrel Guide is the best comprehensive video and from what I understand, very little has changed regarding the rotation:


Thank you everyone and Meeshka I watched all your videos before playing :). It was the reason I decided to finally jump in. I did watch the notscott video as well and it still showed the “rank 1-5” popping up. I will go through the blogs and see what I can find. I dont subscribe to people on YT but I will so I can keep up to date with your current videos. Idk why when I search google or youtube there is like all of 2 videos from 2020 lol. Thank you all the community has been awesome so far ( like everyone chipping in for exp bomb just now )

They changed the rank from appearing on the enemies to now appearing on the gun itself. It was to make it easier to read what rank it is.