Introducing the Unofficial Orbus Armory


I think it is a cool addition. You guys are doing great work. It would be nice if it could scrap everyone but it is a good system with your current restraints.


True, It would be easy to share a Tank + musk combo to 3 dps and clear dungeons way higher than normally possible.

Or even just a good tank or a good musk for that matter.


Even just one geared dps could make a huge difference really.


I really think we are splitting hairs. The smaller guilds can’t run 5/5 often if ever and we all know the lead is going to we taken be the first guild with a Wenderwood 7 or 8. This is just a fun competition. No system will be perfect.

@J11 Would it be cool to see dungeon specific leaderboards and level specific leaderboards. Not sure how hard it would be, but I know I would be more excited to run a level 2 if I was gunning for fastest run ever or run a Tradu Crypt if I knew it was the highest one ever completed. It kinda creates side quest.


Yeah this would be great, definitely the right way to do it.


I don’t think it’s splitting hairs. There’s already a board for top shard dungeons. If it’s a good idea to break it down further by “fellowship” then I think it’s reasonable to expect “fellowship” to mean 5/5.


That is the whole point of the PUG leaderboards. If you don’t have 5 you look at those leaderboards. Guild leaderboards should be 5/5 otherwise you’d be looking at 2 of the same leaderboards. If you are a small guild you look at the other leaderboards.


OK, either way is fine.


Keep up the good work!


Yeah we will not split leaderboards by PuG and Fellowship for now.

3/5 requirement (majority req) we keep so that smaller fellowships do not have the inability to show their progress.

At the end of the day, a shard clear is a shard clear pug or not. Its the people in the run that make the success not any fellowship tag. For this reason we will keep the 3/5 rule for now.

We also did not want things to get complex through:

  • People bringing in trials to runs then not getting a fellowship affiliation to a kill.
  • People bringing a friend to a fellowship run because another fellowship member wanted to step out.
  • Fellowship members DCing or technical issues occurring.
  • Joint fellowship runs with majority of 1 fellowship over the other.
  • Discouraging fellowships to stop playing with each other. Rivalry is good but toxicity and lack of communication outside of fellowships is not.
  • WowProgress follows this same pattern so we thought it made sense. WowProgress erred on the side of too loose so we upped it from 40% requirement to 60% (3/5).

Up to the individual if they truly decide to regard that as a fellowship kill or not otherwise.



Considering you are hand selecting who gets on your leaderboard, none of this matters.


Actually we are not. It is done automatically…
There is no hand coded logic here…

We simple are showing stats based on who updated their profile on the database from a recent period of time… if you want to be on the leaderboard, you must refresh your profile by going to your page… (as this is the only way we can do it right now without Riley giving us scornful stares).


riley would hurt us if we started web scraping.


I have gone to my page. And I’ve informed you that you’re not crediteding Nox for multiple runs.


Just like everyone else, we do not have historical data for Nox. There is nothing I can do about it. Sorry for that. I am done discussing this topic.



it’s not a leaderboard if you’re willfully omitting dungeon clears. Why not credit us for what we’ve done now that it has been brought to your attention?

With fake leaderboards, someone might go scraping anyways.


I don’t think you understand. I am not crediting any fellowship beyond what has been gained through the API. That is all.

We will not modify the historical data for any one fellowships gain. That would be bias.



The bias is the only T7 not being credited is mine.



The API doesn’t have that on your last 10 runs. Quite simple, there is no record of it = it cannot be credited. If it had been there at any given time you, or anyone else, would have opened your character profile, your name would have been added to the said run.


You could manually add it in. It’s the only T7 not credited.