Introducing the Unofficial Orbus Armory


I’m not adding any runs manually there, much less without an official record of it. That should be easy enough to understand why.

Bottom line, nobody is forcing you to use the webpage. If you edit the file in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add this row in there:

That will redirect all attempts to open it to an IP address:, which doesn’t exist, therefore rendering your browser unable to open the website. That should deal with any urges to get your jimmies rustled further.

This case is pretty much closed, we’ve disclosed every single detail there is to the data gathering, if you don’t like it, don’t use it.

Now, lets get back on track with what the post is about, shall we? :smile:


Edit: it’s really not important, and I know the truth, so I wish you the best of luck with your project.


Was the level 7 you are referring to completed with time remaining? If not it will not change the fellowship score anyway


Move on to talking about the subject please. Everything’s been explained so if people still want to argue with each other go to PMs.



If 2 guilds complete T8 with 0 mins remaining, what will decide wich one is on top ? Is it first guild who completed it ?


Thats correct, the first one to complete it should be on top. It hasn’t been tested per-say, so I can’t tell for sure yet, but that’s what I’m going for. I’ll correct the sorting for it if it comes out the wrong way in a case like that


New version: 1.2, All by myself!

Change log:

  • Added logging for individual statistics. This is pretty much the same thing as the official leaderboards, but with one added stat as well as all the leaderboards extended to support top 100, instead of just 10. This data is being updated as characters are being looked up.

  • Added logging for activity. This stat is still hidden until 23rd of April when we have enough data to determine whether a player has been active during a 7 day period. Activity is determined by a simple calculation of whether or not you have been online for over 15 minutes in the past 7 days. On April 23rd, we’ll start to show the number of active members next to the total number of members in a fellowship. (Thanks Lok and Geldan)

  • Added individual stat’s ranking next to a character’s stats in the character page


Awesome changes! You guys are doing a good job :grin:


Nice work J!
Is it possible that there ist case sensitivity in the search?


Searches are case sensitive as are the character creation names in Orbus itself.


The case sensitivity is something I can’t help, I’m afraid. It’s a restriction set by the Orbus API where the data originates from


hummm can you make the first letter cap automatically?
I feel bad giving input at all because this is such a cool site and I don’t want to be an ingrate.
It’s amazing!


Capitalization is part of the character creation and changes search parameters. Characters such as Rejinx and rejinx are considered different and each deserves the ability to look up their own character stats.


There will be another Saikotera … ähm saikotera? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::weary:


It was possible in beta, there used to be a “logan” and people were confused lol, now you can’t do it anymore.


On top of Decoy’s and Shiki’s responses, there are characters that indeed begin with a lower case letter so the automatic capitalization would kinda kill it for them. The official API doesn’t let you “search” for anything (that I know of), but you can look them up if you know the exact name of the character. That’s the reason why you have to jump through those hoops, for now at least, sorry :confused:


New version: 1.3, Activity!

Change log:

  • We started recording individual statistics about a week ago, and now we’ve got enough data to display activity for players. The condition is simple: if you’ve been online in the past 7 days for a total of 15 minutes, you’re considered active. This may be subject to change, but thats what we’re rolling with now.

The data displayed for a character may be inaccurate until that character is looked up again due to a few changes we had to do (Thanks Lok and Geldan for the idea)

  • Added a fade-out effect for inactive members on the fellowship pages to easily get a quick glance of how active the population in a fellowship is

  • Divided the member count also into active and inactive members on a fellowship’s page


Is PVE progression going to show active members or total ?


Total. 20characters!