Inventory Bug - items jump back into your bags

When depositing items into a chest from your inventory, sometimes depositing another item after that item causes the first item to jump back into your bag, often after you’ve walked away but sometimes immediate.

video example:

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I’ve had that before. Usually, putting the item in question into a different slot in the chest and then moving it where I want it fixes the issue. If it happens, make sure to send an in-game bug report. I imagine those might help them track it down.

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Thank you. I didn’t know there were in game bug reports.

I believe they are somewhere under the settings tab of your menu. Make sure to send one before you log out because the log is overwritten when you start Orbus up again. If you forget and shut Orbus down, you can grab the log manually from your computer and send it to the devs. Location and where to send the logs are pinned in the tech support channel of the unofficial Discord

I’ve got used to this by now but its been happening since I started playing (preborn). I find it bugs the most when trying to put an item from your inventory into the chest with a stack already there so that item doesnt stack into the chest properly. then it moves itself back to your inventory.

@devs do you want me to send a bug report each time this happens too?

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Unfortunately, this isn’t something that shows up in the logs if you do send one - we’re aware of it, there’s just a lot of small UI behavior like this that end up on our todo list.

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