Inventory Weight / Gear Beta


There’s one point that bothers me in the game since months, which is inventory weight. As stated in other thread people can’t take gear for several classes with them. I see this addressed a little with switching to only Plate - Leather - Cloth gear in reborn, but inventory weight was just same and it won’t be enough. In those 3 days of testing I quickly used 3/4 of that, for example.
If magic/phys stats still apply it is currently possible to take gear for 2 classes to a raid with you (plus potions, ring sets, dragon, mount etc. etc.), in reborn that would still mean to have one gear set at home and not be able to switch to the 2-3 classes needing that.

A few suggestions:

  • Make gear (and shards from breakdowns) weightless; people shouldn’t consider at all what class they likely want to play before they leave their houses. They should be able to switch to any class, anytime, as most endgame content requires it; there’s many unpredicted situations and it’s not only the player punished for not having this or that class on him, but whole groups if this flexibility lacks.
  • Make mounts weightless; people shouldn’t be punished for getting different mounts from the cash shop (in fact I can not take more than one mount with me, due to weight limits)
  • Make potions weightless; always having potions with you not only for you, but also for others to help out would be a great addition to the game; and also for making those: I accidentally almost locked myself up in the cellar because I teleported with 30 potions, forgot I got raid gear on me, ending up with nearly no stamina or a teleport option to get back to the chest


If potions become weightless then there should also be a cooldown on drinking any type of healing potion, speed potion, etc… Then that change should do no harm in terms of getting OP.

I rather see gear be grouped and carried around as a group than individual pieces including a reduction in weight than just make it weightless. (Suggestion mentioned many times)


Weight is going to be a huge issue in reborn if nothing is done, there has been many times where I have gone to raid with only ranger and muskie and then it turns out I needed to take my warrior too but because of the weight of the gear and the potions that simply isn’t an option, adding 4 new classes to the mix and who knows what new potions this is only going to be more restrictive in reborn, it would be great if we could change to any of our classes at any point and have our best gear for each class with us without being punished for it, I had to stop harvesting for a while because I was carrying too much gear, please don’t let this be an issue in reborn!

Also with level scaling it would make more sense to make it so we can carry all classes, that way when we are out and about exploring and killing mobs we can switch to suit the other players around us that we group up with (leveling with 2 muskies wouldn’t be as effective etc.) And I know that the leveling armour can be used on multiple classes but what about once you get a few of the classes to max level and get shard/raid gear on those classes? The weight will add up and limit gameplay


We are going to make it so that you are able to take more gear with you. Not sure yet if it will be reducing the weight on gear or making it so that you can define sets that you can take with you that don’t count against weight. Either way, we want it to be easier to switch between classes in Reborn on the go.


Thank you!! <3 :grin:


Not sure what you might have in mind but maybe a special gear tab could be added. It could hold slots for a single gear set of each class and would not count against the weight restriction. Additional pieces of gear from drops would go into regular inventory and be counted. The gear tab might also have buttons to allow players to equip full sets with a single click.


inventory weight is stupid imo. literally the only reasons to have it are in single player games where the objective is for you to either go back to town a lot (expending time, making the game last longer), or for you to pick and choose what loot you get and only make your way with a little loot. Neither of these apply to multiplayer games, especially ones like this.

Players should be able to switch classes whenever necessary without having to go back to their bank simply because of how few players there are in this game. we need to be able to switch instantly to fill groups. it isnt like wow, where you could spend a minute and find 100 ppl who want to join your raid group.