Invisible Friends Hands Bug

Have a persistent bug which has been there after relogs and restarts, effecting me and two of my friends. We cannot see each others hands/weapons/held items. We are all friends in game, and have been playing in a party. We can all see every others players hands and weapons, but not each others. This has been persistent all day, and even after everyone has logged out and come back it was still this way.
When other people join our party we can see their hands, and they ours. When we friended them, we could still see there hands. Very strange.

Did you mute eachother by chance? Muting players will cause their hands to be hidden but should re appear after un muting, if this isnt the case let us know so we can track down the bug, thanks.

Ah, yep that is it. We were using the Rift party chat and we muted each other to prevent the echo. Thanks for the reply

NP glad to help (20char)

Will this be removed ?
I want to see my discord’s friends’s hands =) .

With muting being an anti-harassment tool, it seems like it’s safer to keep the hands invisible.

Hard to harrass just whit hands, and who harrass by the way ? the comunity is nice on this game,
(like in most vr game) + “most players” thinks that’s a bug

I promise you that not everyone thinks it’s a boring bug. Harassment in VR is a serious issue that can drive a lot of people away from it.

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I understand the need to have the hands included as part of the Mute, so I’m not disagreeing with that.
But for parties/groups/guilds that would prefer Discord(or other) voice chat, could we perhaps have a second Mute Voice Only option. As well as the Mute Voice/Hands option.
This would allow friendly groups to use their preferred voice program, and still see hands/weapons.

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yep i was about to propose

There are always bad eggs, and this post is just wrong. However I’m sure an option to just mute voice is something that could happen since people are requesting it.

I think i should file a claim after seing this video :
(don’t take it badly i’m just joking :sweat_smile: )

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