Invisible user on Quest 2

I have heard comments from from other players that sometimes I am invisible and only my pet appears to be wondering about on its own. This has happened in the crypt and sewer. When it happens in a dungeon I can’t walk through the exit and have to restart the game. Out in highsteppe I have appeared invisible to certain players. I have also talked to players in highsteppe city who can hear me but not see me. This did not happen on the original Quest. Does this happen to other quest 2 users?

No inviability potion is involved at all.

I’ve had this happen to me several times. Both being invisible. Or the person I’m playing with being invisible. I have found going to options, logging out, then back in, fixes it without having to completely reload the game.

But, I mostly just wanted to let you know that this isn’t just you.

Oh and I also play on quest2. And so does my friend that sometimes fails to appear. So I cannot comment on other headsets, but it definitely happens to other people on quest 2

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actually, yeah, one of my guild members who im pretty sure is on quest 2 was invisible for me last raid

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Hi, we’ve been investigating this issue - I believe it also affects Quest 1 users, and we are working on some more logs to be able to pinpoint the issue.

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This morning I logged a bug where on the Isle on the south west landmass just near the bridge to the land where you arrive I got no loot from my map. I walked upto the chest holding my map which burnt up. The chest disappeared but no loot appeared. I thought this may be connected so I logged out and started Orbus again. As soon as I signed on I saw the confetti as a luck bomb was active. I then heard a chime to indicate I had loot. I got dram, two bracers and a major shard among other things. So it looks like invisibility and my lack of loot sometimes is connected. Hope this helps

yup, quest’s pretty much come with free invis pots that combat doesn’t pull you out of, I hope they find the issue! GL

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Just been in battle grounds and had the invisibility ‘bug’ on my quest 2. It was great for me I made a lot of kills but it’s not fair on other players. I hope the Devs find and stomp on the bug soon.