Invisible wall blocking arrows

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Out in Chthonic Ruins there’s a hill with some cactus mobs. If you shoot at them the arrows are blocked by an invisible wall. You can see the white hit effect and hear the thunk sound when the arrow tries to pass between the pillars.

Attached is a screenshot of the location:

Thank you for posting the picture, I have been tracking this issue but it was hard to pinpoint on my end. If you run into any other areas (outside of the ruins this is the only area im aware that has this problem) let me know. Thanks.

Back in closed beta people told me there were sandstorms in the desert that would block arrows… is that really a thing?

Sandstorms are real. I didn’t notice it blocking arrows though.

Robert, I’ll let you know if I find any other spots.

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I’ve been explaining it as sandstorms that block your shots to everyone I bring there lol

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Just outside to the left and up to the first valley of the first village in Frosted lands (comming from the zoo) also have blocking invisible walls.

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More invisible walls facing the redtails from the house in HS @Grounder was there to and our spells hit something both in the air above the path and also just beyond the path facing the farm

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