Is anyone else freaked out by how close delete is to login

I haven’t created a new character to test the functionality yet but I always feel paranoid when logging in. If there isn’t much confirmation in order to make it happen I would suggest moving it.


I definitely take extra precaution hitting log in, and I know of one person who accidentally hit delete.

There should be a confirmation dialog if you do hit it, from what I remember… :slight_smile:

Yeah, I wish they would change that, sometimes when I’m sitting down to fish and I relog I accidentally hit delete instead of login. Good thing for the confirmation button b/c my character would have been deleted multiple times by now. I almost accidentally hit the wrong confirmation as well. It would be nice if the system would make you type “delete” to delete a character so you don’t accidentally delete yourself.


Yeah I would prefer something much more involved than just a confirm box - especially if that box shows nearby the delete buttons location when it appears.

If you accidentally delete your character just let me know and I can restore it in about 1 minute flat. We don’t ever actually destroy data about characters.


That is good to know. Hopefully I will never have to contact you to restore my character.

See it on the bright side. It makes the login screen a lot more of adrenaline fueling compelling gameplay :slight_smile: (even thou the character can always be restored)

sorta how like dos worked? where its not deleted just given the ok to write over it?

More likely a boolean flag for whether it’s deleted or not. I doubt it ever actually writes over the data.

Yes everytime! Specially if my controller tracking is just starting up and is wonky.

Right there is a confirmation window.

But the button should be moved somewhere else so that it is nowhere close to the selection button. Unless Orbus Team has some sort of 30 day backup of all characters deleted, someone’s going to be pissed sooner or later at something that could have easily been avoided.

It’s great that there is a confirmation screen and that character data isn’t actually deleted anyway so it can always be restored.

While I agree that all precautions should made to prevent accidental deletions, I’m afraid that regardless of how many confirmation passwords, capture screens, hexadecimal regression conversion tests, etc. that the devs put in to prevent deletions, there will always be some bright spark that still manages to accidentally delete their character. There is only so much that the devs can do to protect the players from themselves.

The character info itself probably only takes up a few kilobytes of data.

When you “delete” your character, most likely only the link between that character and your account is severed.

that and what the other guy said makes more sense. i just wanted to be included in the convo lol

I played this game for 20+ hours and was very used to the menu UI involved in logging in. I casually was logging back into my character and was shocked as the process to delete and login was so similar to each other, that without looking I deleted my character. I was livestreaming and even got a clip of the mental devastation before I tried to calm myself, haha. Definitely recommend some differences compared to current UI, it was way too easy to delete my character.

accidentally deleted, send halp

Looking at your account, I see a character named “Yoko” that has been deleted, and then another character named “Yoko” that is not. Are you wanting me to restore the deleted Yoko? If so do you want me to delete the new one? Or…?

Thanks so much for a prompt response. The new “Yoko” is just a replacement for the old when it looked like the deletion was irreversible, lol. You can delete it if the older file is restored.

Okay, are you logged out?