Is it possible for a dps class to defend against poison?

Is it possible for a dps class to defend against poison? It keeps fucking me up

Mages can decurse it, Scoundrels can use their Light card to heal up, Shamans can use a shield totem to mitigate some damage. Rangers get shafted.

In group content, either have the healer or mage decurse you, or let the tank take it.


If your a mage, decurse, if your in a party a healer or a mage can save you, other then they bracers of healing and aged concentrated healing potion can keep you up for a bit, scoundrel can have a heal card saved, but it’s safer to get out of there and drop those poison stacks and try to kill it at a distance if you want to survive.

This is great advice thanks, do you maybe know where I could get those bracers from?

I believe you can either buy them or find them in treasure maps. You can make some level 1 bracers through crafting.

You can get them from grinding on the forsaken island. They’re hard groups of aberrations. There’s a chance you get certain bracers. Wisdom, health, and stamina. Wisdom increase super charge rate, health heals you in combat as well as out of combat, and stamina increases your stamina a little. Bracers have 3 levels that decrease over time. Level 3 lasts the shortest but has the biggest boost. Level 1 lasts the longest but has the smallest increase. You can also get the Rupert pet, bone spur fishing rod, and some more. Make sure to go in a group though, they’re a bit hard to get.

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