Is there still going to be a dev event going on in regular orbus today?


@Riley_D are you still coming on for the server shut down hang out and do you think you will have about 30 mins free before hand for a normal raid?


A few of us are going to hop on and hang out between now and the server shutdown. :slight_smile:


Where are you lot, highstepp or Lakewood inn


I’ll be in highsteppe for a bit, I dunno when or where the others will be, just that they’ll hop in here and there.


We’re all in Lakewood Inn for the last 30 minutes!


Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate. It’s the end of an era. We’re very excited for what’s next but we want to thank everyone who has played OrbusVR thus far for making what is, a very special community and a great game. Let’s get ready to kick off Reborn with a bang!



he snuck in for the last five secs as a giant



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