Issue with loadouts

So every time I switch to my bard, the two left instruments never get equipped, no matter how I try to fix it, take off everything and apply a load out switch to a different class and then back out everything on and reapply load out. It sill removes the left two from my load out replacing them with random things like a shield and gravity orb which I never apply anyway. Not sure what to do anymore, every time I equip bard I put the two instruments on and reapply the load out but it still never fixes the issue

Make sure you first choose the mallets in your inventory, THEN click on whatever weapon you currently have. If you click the weapon you want, then the weapon you have, load out works. If you click the weapon you have, then the weapon you swap to, load out doesn’t work

Also done that but the issue persists

Can you post a video of it happening? Maybe we can notice something that might help

I’m on quest, this is zanros

If you are getting new weapons and armor while you are leveling up and getting new gear, you will need to click the “loadout” button each time that happens. If this is not the case, then make sure that the bard instruments aren’t linked to another class like ranger, musketeer, or warrior. I believe that this was fixed awhile back but I haven’t needed to change my armor in a long time so I haven’t needed to keep up with this. Another thing you can do try is spamming the loadout button3-5 times and then switching to another class then right back to bard.

I wish I knew this was you zanros lol. You should have just asked one of us in discord and we could help you out faster then on the forums. :rofl:


I got it fixed by grabbing new instruments to add to the loadout

Oooh well thats useful to know. I have the same problem with two intruments never switching out, but it only breaks after a re-start of the game. I guess getting new orbs from the vendor will fix it. We will see.

Loadouts have always been funny; more so with classes that have class specific slots.

Dahamm, I did not consider if any of my classes were linked to others. That would explain why my class loadouts are mixed up with these different classes, I’ll try that myself (this is more for me). I don’t know how those classes would link class specific equipment with other classes if i didn’t remember linking them but things can happen, thanks for the tip.

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