Issues and feedback


  • The stafraster and scav knights have an interruptable healing ability where they stand with their staff/shield extended and angled while healing and taking reduced damage. there is not a cast bar for this and no indication that it’s interruptable.
  • Some missions are missing percentages to next reward tier
  • The red text saying you’re too high level for a mission is still there despite the penalty having been removed.
  • still not getting any extra xp from public events on alt classes

world bosses

  • Both the new world bosses are missing the “Smash” cast bar. Both when enraged and not enraged.
  • could we get an apprentice smith close to each wold boss? really annoying having to go back to highsteppe to repair your gear.
  • pretty sure you said once that cape drops in reborn were going t be 100% first time you killed a boss and 0% once you had it. I didn’t get a single cape from any of them, even after killing the one in lamavora many times.

Highsteppe world boss

  • the amount of mobs that spawn didn’t scale with the amount of people there so with a smaller group it was basically impossible.
  • The pinecones he shoot out have too much health taking multiple shots to kill.
  • The pinecones target people who died and are running back from the graveyard.

The trees you have to kill to make him enrage don’t respawn if he goes back to normal after being enraged.

Lamavora world boss

  • it’s smash animation is sometimes canceled by the pool animation, sometimes right at the start so you don’t even notice it is doing a smash.
  • as a warrior I could with practice tank the whole fight without a second tank despite the sickness stacks. because my ultimate would build up before it broke my shield allowing me to have an infinite shield. while a paladin had to swap all the time, very often.
  • no clear indication when pools would drop, would be nice to have either a cast bar saying that pools would drop soon or have a debuff like on boss 5 in the raids.
  • this one was really easy to do compared to the others.

Hulthine world boss

  • he can jump to people who aren’t engaged in the fight, we had him reset once because he jumped to an AFK person nearby.
  • just like treesus the amount of mobs don’t scale with the amount of people.


  • Like @Rickness_Voidwalker said in his post, it would be a lot better to be able to teleport to each teleportation stone with a runemage.
  • Could you make the orb a bit bigger and have a preview of the location it goes to?
  • You should be teleported as soon as you put your face in the orb, not after a couple seconds.
  • The ritual animation should be changed now that the portal is different. Have the first part of the ritual spawn the pedestal thing, second part add some particle effects and the last part spawn the orb.
  • Have the teleportation menu with pillar locations appear at head height, I usually sit down when walking around the world and have to either stretch my hand up or stand up to reach it.

Tear casters should not be able to warp to players. They are ranged based and it is so infuriating to have them warp to someone and then run away to to do their ranged attack ONLY to warp back and then do the atack. The constant moving watching the AI fighting its own scripts is just annoying.


One of the leavers in lamavora is floating off the ground

As krunk said about the tear casters warping to players which they really shouldn’t I’d just like to point out that they also warp inside you, not in front of you which is super annoying and needs looking at, tear minions also do this now too

The loading screen is still a picture of old Orbus, which is sort of weird.

The mechanic is intended to force tank swaps. I think we need to just do something here where like the shield’s damage taken is also increased by a multiplier as you get more stacks.

We’re adding bars for those, and yeah I think the plan is to add some more smiths out in the world.

This has been fixed.

How small of a group? Generally speaking World Bosses aren’t meant to scale down. We want it to take 15+ people to do it.

Yeah I’m not sure why they are doing that we’ll fix it.

In this most recent beta on Friday it was? I thought we changed that.

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Tooltips still weren’t showing in the transmog wardrobe and the scroll bar was weird to use with the pointer

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Also thinking about this my other question would be, how long was it taking your shield to break, and how quickly was your Ultimate building up? Because that makes it sound like either it’s taking 90 seconds for shield to break which seems way too long, or your Ultimate is charging in like 20 or 30 seconds which is way too fast.

Not sure exactly how long it took, but ultimate charging felt about right. It just took forever to break my shield tho, I did also almost have almost full t10 gear with 800+ vitality.

I believe loading in to the game was just the Orbus logo, but loading into dungeons or teleporting was the old screen. I may be mistaken.

another thing I noticed is that the tip of the wand where you draw your spells from seem to be a little bit closer to your hand than it used to be.
I don’t mind this myself, but I just wanna know if this is actually the case.

also just remembered, there is no indication of what level each of the dungeons are, I’d say it’s very important to have some clear indication of this so new players don’t end up going into one of the higher level dungeons not knowing it’s way above their level.


This is still the case, no cast bar for their self heal. The scav knights stance when healing is also extremely similar to its idle stance, causing more confusion.

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Agreed, this has been an issue for awhile, although it should definitely be something different from Cure or Bolster. I don’t have any ideas for a name for this though. Also while I’m on the topic of Bolster, what does it do? I can’t notice anything major and it doesn’t seem to stop the cast when interrupted, as it still does put the buff it gives on the mob. Also doesn’t seem like it can be cleansed with the bard crescendo that removes one beneficial effect from an enemy.

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We’re looking at working in a solution for this.

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still missing cast bars and smiths.

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I still get the old Orbus loading screen when changing zones (teleport, entering dungeons/highsteppe). After talking with people, it seems this is only the case for Vive users and not Oculus users.

I think it happens with steamvr using oculus players, players who play like they are on vive