Item Breakdown for Shards not working

Started breaking down items into shards to make some money before I realized my number of shards was not going up. Broke down half a dozen pieces of gear and lures etc and I only had 1 shard.

So I started selling that shard and breaking down gear one at a time and selling it for 30 D each time and after selling about 8 shards I no longer get any shards from breaking down items.

I’ve tried gear and old lures and each time its the same, no shards obtained from breaking them down.

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What in particular are you breaking down?

Lures don’t give shards.

I think you only have a chance to receive a shard per item breakdown with higher level item giving you a higher chance for shard. Like someone mentioned it only works though for certain items; although you still may be able to break items like fishing lures down you won’t receive anything for it.

Some gear (gloves, chest, ect) doesn’t give you shards currently. I thought it was a chance as well.

Oh that must be a bug then, it should always give you a shard. I will look into that.

Some rares at high level can also give a minor. Not sure if that is a bug too.

It should ask to delete a broken lure not breakdown, because you gain nothing for it. Why not auto delete them?

I’d prefer they auto delete as well. If there’s nothing gained by breaking them apart, and there’s no way to repair them, then it’s nothing but tedious trying to find which ones you need to destroy in your inventory. Which raises another thing, having some visual feedback on the item icons would be a massive improvement to inventory. It’s quite tedious trying to tooltip over everything. Some simple things like different color backgrounds to represent current durability, some kinda + icon or something to represent that this item might be better than what you currently have equipped, etc.


Thankyou. If gear should always give you a shard then there is definitely a bug.

I broke down all my gear (Armour and rifles) that were old and missed out on alot of shards :frowning:

The only reason I can think of to not autodelete lures is in case you want to see what kind of lure it was. Like if you made a bunch of random ones, if it works well you could put it aside in your inventory after it breaks as a note to make more.

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It may be better off for a suggestion post but I agree that tooltips are a pain to look at.

They should have a dedicated area for tooltips to the side and when you click an item the tooltip stays up while it’s selected. It’s not a great experience to try to hover your finger at the right spot / depth on the menu to read.


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