Ive never played the game but

I see a lot of just swinggg with your sword and theres nothing really cool about the warrior class. What if you made warrior combos that delt extra dmg? Like up up sideways made your sword catch fire and deal fire dmg for 1 swing and a combo for ice and stuff? Dunno just make the class more intricate.

The warrior already has some combos, you can see his mechanics here: https://wiki.orbusvr.com/Warrior

Oh ahah i didnt really see that in the videos i saw cool.

Hey i have nivda gtx 960 will i be able to play this game?

If you can play other VR games you should be ok.

Cant speak to “how well” it will run, but it should be playable, especially with the ability to adjust graphic levels in game.

Probably not. The GTX980 is the minimum required GPU for most current VR headsets. But with the new gen of cards coming out older ones should be on sale by a nice amout on newegg come Black Friday and December also check Amazon.

I would though recommended if you can afford a 1080 to get it. It will run better and last longer before you need to upgrade.

960 is the minimum spec (on rift) so the graphics card wouldn’t be your issue. There are VR benchmark tests out there you can easily use to test your system and see if it is ready for VR in general.

I am on a GTX680 and I have never had a performance issue in Orbus related to my graphics card. So the game is quite forgiving in that aspect.

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Oh really? So i should be good then? I have a gaming laptop from cyberpower. Im pretty sure i have over a terabyte of storage, 16gb ram, and i got that nivda gtx 960. I wouldnt want to buy another pc.

I’d run the compatibility tests and benchmarks you can easily find online since you have a laptop and from what I’ve heard those can be finicky.