January Final Stress Test : Precisions

As this new year starts, I wish you all, and the team in particular, an excellent year 2017.

And as the final stress test comes, I’d like to prepare :

Final Stress Test

We’re going to hold one last Stress Test on Thursday, January 5th, 2017. This test will start at approximately 12 PM Central Time and run until 10 PM Central Time. This larger window should hopefully give people from all timezones time to play the game.

So, I understand, this will be a 10 hours long stress test ?

Announced time of the Stress test (to be confirmed) would be in europe : FROM 01/05 : 19:00 TO 01/06 : 04:00

And it’s pretty cool for european players.

My biggest question is : What will be the elements to focus on for this test ?

What are the elements to load ? People per zone ? simultaneous hits on a target ? Inventory manipulation ?
I know these are elements to be disclosed later on (if ever), but I’m pretty excited to take part to it, as I missed the first stress tests for greenwitch reasons.

Thanks for your answers, and again a happy new year.

Yes, the time in the link is correct, it is 10 hours long this time.

We’ll be releasing a Stress Test Play Guide here in a day or two that will go over everything you can do in the test. In general since it’s a stress test what we’re really looking for is just to get a lot of people online at once to stress our servers so we can see how many people we can handle.

Last time we did this we got around 150 people online at once and we ran into some issues. I’m 99% sure I’ve got those issues worked out, so I’m hoping this time we get the same (or more!) people online and everything runs smoothly.

We will also be playing with some of the things like number of people in a single zone/“shard” (right now we’re starting with 30 to play it safe, but my hope is we can go as high as 60 or 70), so if things go well we might start increasing that number to see what happens.

Finally, if things are all up and running and all that is going well, then you should just have fun playing the game! It’s still pre-alpha so there are probably bugs in terms of the combat classes, the balance of the game isn’t correct yet (some monsters will be too easy to kill others will be too hard), etc. We don’t really need feedback on that stuff yet since that’s what the Alpha testing will be for, but really you can just tell us about your experience playing the game and that would be just fine :slight_smile:

To avoid confusion, check the time in the link, rather than in the first post.
It’s from 01/05 - 19:00 to 01/06 - 05:00.
It would be a shame if anyone missed it based on a small typo.

See you thursday.

I updated the post to avoid confusion.