January Stress Test Client Download

Hot off the presses, get the download right here for the Stress Test tomorrow:


It’s around 500MB in size.

Be sure to read the play guide: https://blog.orbusvr.com/january-stress-test-play-guide/ for all the info on how to play the various classes, use the inventory system, etc.

See you all in-game tomorrow!

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Awesome! As always, thanks Riley!

Thanks! Got it downloaded and ready to go.

Downloaded, got all set up, read the guide aaaaaaand gosh-dangit I only have a Rift, not a Vive.

Womp womp. Maybe some other time…

Ready to roll! Thank you to all of you for the opportunity!

So Hyped I made a quick french translation of the guide (no ads)

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Cool! Thanks for doing that.


I can’t download the Client. Is normaly ?

The test ended, the servers only stay up for around 10 hours for everyone to try everything. Sorry, the next time you’all be able to play is in the alpha, but that’s only if you got the early bird, or donated $100 or more.