Jester balls back but the same?

I heard the infamous Jball is dropping again which is great bc I didn’t get one in Old School. However I heard they are the same old thing that drops and still just pink. I would have liked to see other colors of jballs maybe make them more rare and different drop requirements.

If not then just make them dye able. That way people could just dye them the color they want.

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Also maybe lower the weight of the j balls to 0.1


Yes. Yes please

what does the balls do?

they are cool looking

they also change the color of your light spell

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It’s really just a flex item.

Can hardly be called a flex now that they are so easy to get


Lol, did they lower drop rate?

I don’t think so, but the mob that drops it is way easier to kill than in OG so it drops faster

Oh that’s sad then. Was like one of the flex items that was actually hard to get. If anything they should put it with the Elongotta pet and other “jackpot” loot items. Ugh I’m high key disappointed this isn’t still super hard to loot. Was looking forward to grinding hard mobs. I guess I’ll just log into Orbus in like an hour and grab one real quick.

So they are? Interesting. Mind sharing where they are dropping? I am running around nearly every day killing stuff since Reborn started, being top 5 in mobs killed, and never stumbled over one lol… nor did I meet anyone getting them in Reborn so I wouldn’t quite say it’s a popular drop.

Keep killing the quest group before abandoned mines dungeon.

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Thanks… these were indeed not my primary target (or any target except the real few times I helped ppl with the quest), so far :smiley:

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