Journal missing pages?

I’m missing pages about runemage spells I’ve learned. Was there something I was supposed to do to trigger it? I casted all the spells and they don’t show up.

Also I seem to be missing pages on how to make things with alchemy. Someone told me it should be there.

Am I alone ? Or doing something wrong ?

You have to rub your journal against the pillars displaying the spells. You can find those pillars in the Witch’s cave and around the world. Also a good thing to note in advance is that a teleport pillar won’t work :slight_smile:

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On that note…I really wish the teleport pillars worked. There’s really no reason they shouldn’t.

They aren’t made to be put into the journals, so I mean they technically are working but I know you want to be able to have them on hand. Even I mix up the teleports sometimes, but come on- teleport roulette can be fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh crap lol. Was this mentioned anywhere? Thanks!!

Tinny the witch says it after giving you the wand (its in yellow in the dialogue).

Cool thanks for clarifying. I swear I read everything but I must have been too excited to get the wand :slight_smile:

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