Jumpstart PVP Please

I had an idea that I think would be a major jumpstart to PVP! If you guys introduce enhancements to weapons that are tradable, and dropped on death, I think it would drastically boost the enjoyment players get from pvp, I am going to give you some examples. However you guys would like to change this is fine, just a starting point here but I do think this would bring interest to pvp, and make a huge boost to it.

Scoundrel- Dual wield: an enhancement added to your gun that instead of the regular super, It gives you two pistols with a full clip in each, this would be great if it last however long it takes you to use it rather then just a couple seconds.

Ranger- Optic Sight: This enhancement would let you focus in on your target, and let your arrow travel much further with less drop.

Mage- Teleport: this enhancement would give mages a change to teleport with their special.

Bard- The Brown Noise: I don’t play on my bard and have no idea what would make a good enhancement to your mallets, please comment what you think would be a good enhancement for Bard

Warrior- The sword of 1000 truths: gives warriors a chance to hit very hard with their super.

Paladin- Super Charged: Use special to hold twice as many charges, the charges hold until they are used.

Musketeer- no need: No one plays Musketeer in pvp anyways

It would be cool if these enhancements are obtained by a trickster chest that spawns in two or three times per day would be very cool, although the main thing is if you guys take this seriously, I do think pvp would take off

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