Just Bought The Game And Its Telling me to Factory Reset?

So i played this game during a steam demo a couple years ago got to level 4 and unistalled it then i bought an oculus quest got the game installed it but when i opened it for the first time i met with a screen thats telling me to factory reset i did then reinstalled it and it STILL says it. so i reached out to the game master guy couple years ago and he said there no fix and to refund so here i am almost 4 years later hoping theres a fix now because i want to play it with my siblings because ZENITH SUCKS!!. also i have the oculus meta 3 if that helps.ORBUSVR

@Jake_E @Outlander_Robert
(Lets hope they see this) They usually dont work weekends so you may have to wait, hope they can help you. They should be able to unlink your account from your oculus and you can make a new Orbus Vr account

yeah i did some looking and it seems thats the case like my old steamvr account is linked and not my oculus account. THANKS for tagging.

Shouldn’t matter that you have your steam account linked, you can have one steam account and one oculus/meta account linked at the same time.

The factory reset thing I believe is an issue on meta’s side, not orbus(tho I may be wrong), and factory resetting usually fixes it, tho apparently not in your case.

Following up in PM

Update in case others run into a similar issue: unlinking the account seems to have solved the issue


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