Just to clarify this quickly

‘‘this Game may be available only by purchase once the testing process is complete or at any time in the future;’’

So essentially we have to buy the game twice ?!?! surly we could get a discount considering we backed the game

You only buy it once. This test is for founders aND epic founders. Your tag says backer? That’s a tier too low. You can upgrade your account in your account settings

actually im a founder but i started off as a backer then bought the next tier up. but for some reason my forum title hasnt changed

Try logging out and in again. That should change the tier.

yeah i tried that. its fine i dont care. im just happy to be able to play orbus

Ah yeah in my options I could change my title but I can’t change it back xD welcome to the game! Yeah as you’ve paid for beta, backer, any tier, you do not need to rebuy the game. Also I think the new client is 64bit and is required instead of the old launcher you have.

I saw that option too, but thought it was better to not mess with it. Well now I know you can’t get back haha.

To be perfectly clear, you do not have to re-buy the game if you’ve already bought it. That language is in there because of the Open tests we have done (like the Stress Test and Open Alpha).

so since ive bought the founder package i will not have to rebuy the game when it officially releases

That is correct. You have the base game already included.