Kickstarter Suggestion

I was able to play for a few minutes, before having to deal with a plumbing issue here at home… very much looking forward to playing more later. This game looks like it has a lot of potential!

I would like to suggest that you start a Kickstarter Campaign …so that you can get the funding and maybe a Oculus Rift with touch so that can be supported also…

Keep up the great work!


Yeah they discussed it in the “roadmap” at the end of 2016 :

likely we’ll do some sort of funding drive before Beta where you can contribute money toward a future subscription in exchange for early Beta and Launch access and other cool perks like that.

End of the Year Development Update, Including Next Test Schedule

As the current roadmap leads to a beta phase around the end of Q2 2017, you can expect something like a kickstarter or donation program around may/june.

This is entirely my opinion and non official statements of course.