Killable Dummy please

Could we get a killable dummy in either the playerhouse or fellowshiproom? I feel like having everything unkillable is a not so good idea since it was always a fun challenge for people trying to hit really high numbers to kill dummy. It is also nice for rotation mage since my dps is always a tick lower when I check my parser because I cast my spells they hit and the afflictions still run when I open my parser ( Might be me being slow but still) and it is always like a bit lower. And with the way the dummy in the playerhouse has been placed there is easily enough room to place for example Gorgon or another boss in there that has the same stats as the killable one. Killing dummy was also one of the things that were really nice to practice and I knew when I killed it I was casting at my speeds and not slower. I honestly feel sad not being able to kill dummy anymore. My suggestion would either be reverse the stats of the big dummies or add a killable one preferably Gorgon since it is fitting having both Gorgon and Minotaur in the room.


Please there is literally enough space for 2 dummies in player house change big dummy stats to old stats and add a new big dummy that’s unkillable in player house.

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isn’t the far left guy on the tavern the same health as the old fellowship dummy? did that get buffed at some point? same as the far right guy in fellowship court thats small. they’re just smaller dummies?

@blueduckyy all lvl 30 small dummies are linked. So the lvl 30 dummy in the tavern is unkillable too. Same for the one in fellowship court and beginner area and player house.

Same logic applies for all other dummy types. So both minotaur dummies are unkillable now (solo)

thanks, didn’t know if since it looked different it acted different

I was thinking with all the new space in the player house, why not more than a few? With each dummy scaling up in the DPS required to kill it? I think that would help players improve a lot. Especially those without a PC who can track and time their own DPS using programs like Cindy.


One thing that I do at the end of my parses to offset the Afflictions lowering the parse is to decurse the Afflictions before opening the parser. Not a perfect solution but helps a lot.

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When was this a thing? A few days ago I could lower player house boss dummy just fine, was it updated in the most recent patch?

EDIT: Okay seriously devs why… this was the thing a good chunk of dps players used to show their skill and was fun to keep climbing and it did not really affect lower levels as they don’t output enough DPS. Devs being uninformed again and making poor decisions without telling the playerbase of which few if none of us want. (though honestly it was probably just a mistake in the prefab or something)

This. This right here.

Scoundrels can finally do over 100k dps on Cindy though because of this update :slight_smile:


@NotScott So why do they not just make 2 dummies then one killable and one non killable how do you think people feel who don’t have a parser it was one of the only ways to parse yourself on quest solo dpsing

This is honestly just stupid, the dummy was one of the reasons I continued to log on to this game since its basically the only thing I haven’t done yet in this game. It was a way to show a players skill without a parser. The fact that the devs removed that just shows how disconnected they really are from the player base.

What the heck you and charmaster are built different.

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  1. there are several ways to show skill without a parser
  2. they aren’t disconnected, i’m the one who recommended it. scoundrels can now hit 100k on cindy now. i and several others have also suggested a second boss with the old hp or something.

I prefer the dummy being non killable. I do understand the want for both though, so if the devs do something please let it be adding a 2nd dummy rather than everyone fighting over this ones health being killable or not.


They had asked the playerbase about it on the unofficial discord, and there was some lengthy conversation about it.

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We have actually been asking for an immortal dummy for quite some time now.

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Yea I also want for this to happen since I also like dummy being non killable but I also want to kill it. I hope they will either reverse stats and add for example Gorgon and have him be non killable or do the same thing but have Gorgon killable

We will add a second dummy to the house that is like the old one was in the next patch.


you guys are the best

well would you look at that. we ask and they supply. y’all seriously gotta chill, they are making two completely new dungeons with all new enemies and all new mechanics as well as tutorials and house updates and new quest lines. just be patient with the devs. didn’t mean to reply to you mathieu lol my bad