Knights fort extremely impossible

with 1 player there, 2 shielded guys spawn… with 5 players there… 2 shielded guys spawn.

In both cases, its either really hard or impossible.

Are changes coming to this event because I have been trying to get that mission completed for the last week and I am really starting to get fed up.

NOTE: people do not understand that the event will fail once the shielded guys break the ballisters. It is just too complex for a casual audience.


We’re looking at making some changes to that event soon when we get a chance. I think Kyle posted in another thread that we were looking at it.

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I have 4-5 knights fort missions… just sitting there… waiting…

Also another mission that is messed up now is flying high… ads spawn too fast and the colours are all messed up… red when it should be grey or green… green when it should be red…

I know the event is extremely broken, however it isn’t completely impossible to beat with the right amount of people. It has been beaten, so until it’s fixed just grab a couple of not bad people and hope randoms don’t show up and ruin your attempt.

impossible: by yourself
really hard: with 2+ people


This is what he means here, I forgot to post it earlier but the public event at Huthains Basin is broken, the circles show the colour for the opposite side, I was standing in the side that was cleared (showing red) and the otherside had mobs in which is showing green

It just takes a lot of human sacrifices to block the chaos bolts with their bodies :stuck_out_tongue:


please fix kights fort public events everyday i try to complete it but more then 3 people join its out right impossible to complete pass

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