Known (?) Bugs with GC Hard & Stafrutes

I think these are long-standing known bugs, but since we have renewed dev activity, maybe these can be fixed?

  1. Hard Mode Guild City Audio - The audio in this raid is still on proximity, rather then just always on for the party. Would be helpful to have this fixed as more groups that use in-game audio are trying the dungeon these days, rather than being in Discord VC. Very annoying trying to coordinate when you can’t hear the people on the other side of the boss.

  2. Regular Stafrutes never have the mission exclamation point above their heads. It’s the only mob I’ve noticed that has this issue.


Extra info on that first point that might help the devs. That raid is also not seen as a separate area in the combat log. So you are still in “Highsteppe City” when entering that. Probably those 2 bugs are related.


This makes a lot of sense!

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