K'tula's Cove: New Armor and Pet Previews

Hi everyone, we have another short preview for the chaos dungeon coming out on May 24th! In this one, you can see the gear you’ll be able to obtain as well as the fun little pets that will become your companions!


Beholder pet let’s gooooooooooooo!

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super dope!

will these dungeons be able to be sharded or just un sharded? sorry if I missed this in the post!

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They’ll be in the regular shard rotation.


Will they be scaled dungeons and in the dungeon queue or will they work like Ancient Temple and Abandoned Mines?

Also are there plans to add them to the longterms?

Are we going to see a shard increase soon with these new dungeons?
Endgame seems to not have had much love as of recent


Omg I was just wondering when this announcement will come out! Can’t wait to read it

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