Lack of Visual Progression While Leveling

A common complaint in Reborn has been that leveling up doesn’t feel meaningful. This has been largely attributed to the scaling system, which is part of it. The lack of visual gear progression as you level in Reborn is something I haven’t seen talked about, but I think is a significant factor which was used to make leveling in original Orbus feel like progression and an adventure. Getting into a new zone and seeing new gear and weapon appearances feels more meaningful than getting the same looking item with a slightly higher number. These gear sets are milestones in leveling. I would love to see zone-themed sets like we had in original Orbus, but I understand time and resources are short. So, why not take the different leveling sets for each armor type currently in Reborn, and instead of having them drop randomly at all levels, make it so either certain appearances only drop in certain zones, or so certain appearances only drop once you reach a certain level.


I totally agree!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes sense to me and I tend to agree.

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I agree with this as well, but I think this has to do with the limited time/resources for art as already mentioned with regards to the variety of monsters.

There are like 3 armour sets per armour type (I think) you could make it feel much more progressive and less random by making it so you get

  • 1st set from highsteppe and the start of the rainforest
  • 2nd set from end of rain forest and all of lamavora
  • 3rd set from huthains basin and wastelands

This way you can still go back and get them from lower zones if you miss a piece for transmogs, where if you made it so you only get them in between levels 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30 you’ll maybe struggle to get some transmog.

You would clearly be able to see peoples gear evolve with them as they level up this way how you could in previous orbus which imo worked very well