Leaderboard commemoration


I am hoping you guys could revise your decision about wiping the leaderboard, and instead of just wiping them, maybe you could somewhere in your website incorporate a permanent leaderboard commemorating those who took a spot on the leaderboard before Orbus Reborn.

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I’m pretty sure they said they are going to archive it so we will be able to go look at it


also capes for what leadboard u were on and what place u were would be great
mabye just for top 3 tho


This will start a riot or a very competitive last few months :joy:
Bring it! :fire:


Would definitly get people back in the game!


I can guarantee it will reduce my sleep by a lot :grimacing:


The mage arena got a cape so it would be nice for the other leaderboards to get capes too before it’s reset


My thought is people should not get capes for the leaderboard that are non-skill activities. Harvesting, fishing, potion making, and arguably monster killing take no skill. Capes should be awarded to skill based activities like mage tournament and the arena. Although I remember reading in discord that some of the people on the PvP leaderboard just got in a group and gave each other kills so I don’t even know if that should be counted.

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So mage tournament remains also people “competing” by running around highsteppe farming the shrooms to get their numbers up is just silly… also some people are no longer playing anyways and some achievements were easier in former times. I couldnt care less of most of those and i’m fine with an armory archive which will most likely be done anyway, on launch.

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