League Explorer won't talk to me after completing Tutorial

I played the original Orbus but recently start playing reborn after a long hiatus. I did the original main story quest in the original orbus and I’m playing on that same character. Does that main I can’t do the new main story quest or why won’t he talk to me? I completed the randall tutorial and the league explorer guy even has text on him that says speak to me to start the main quest story and he has a blue marker over his head. I tried restarting the game,all kinds of different positioning, and leaving then coming back, but he won’t ever talk to me when I wave. Any suggestions?

That League Guy will come much, much later iirc, he is starting the 2nd part of the lore MSQ; the Tutorial should have pointed you to Highsteppe rather. Try doing some missions inside the town, talk to all the npcs there, there are a) missions (good for xp) and b) lore quests with text, but the League Guy you can ignore for now.

Once you levelup and earn reputation with the npcs inside Highsteppe you will unlock more and more.

PS: From Mathieus response I figure you HAVE to talk to that guy…? I do not remember that but it been a while since I did that tutorial :wink:

Hi, just to double check, have you completed the entire tutorial chain? The last one, from what I recall is the critter capture introduction. If you’ve done up to that one then it should let you start the MSQ, but we can verify if it doesn’t work for you.

Yes I completed the tutorial with critter intro and at the end of the quest Randall text prompted me to go speak with explorer guy across from the graveyard to start that quest. Then the text on the league explorer says talk to me to start the main quest. But I wave and he doesn’t respond. Before I even did the tutorial or tried to talk to the league guy I did a fair amount probably 20-25 missions around highstep the past 3-4 days. My shaman that I’m trying to start the quest on is level 11 and I have several other classes between 15-20 from my previous play.

Can you let me know what your character name is? We can take a look at your data.

character name is Wimlin.

The missions (The ones you get from the Mission givers like Darius are separate from the quests so shouldn’t affect anything), can you tell me what quests you have in your Journal, just the titles of them.

  1. Whispers Words
  2. Lost spice
  3. The Vermin
  4. Mushroom Hunter
  5. Making Camp
  6. Lost Memories
  7. Esasa Technology
  8. Kings Dinner II

I don’t think any of those are it because none seem to mention league and as far as I can recall the League Leader never talked to me certainly not after I finished the tutuorial quest and I went right over to him after. He also still has text on him that says “Speak to me to start main story questline”. He does have a blue 4 sided icon over his head.

Making camp is the MSQ

I made a spreadsheet with all the MSQ info for if people get stuck, check it out

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Odd I guess he must have gave it to me before I finished the tutorial which I thought had to be completed to start it. Thanks!

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