LeapMotion-Controller Support

Will you add the LeapMotion-Controller support to use items like real? it would be cool to play with “real hands” or something. i know there could be any problems with skill activation or something. but probably there is a way to do this.

best regards Sven

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I hadn’t seen leap motion before it looks really cool. Unfortunately the problem with add-ons like this is that there a huge number of different accessories, and not too many people have the same one. Therefore everyone want’s support for a different one. Haptic feedback vests, unusual controllers, different headsets, treadmills, extra sensors etc.

I made a post about the integration of Vive pucks or a treadmill (Potential Integration of Virtuix Omni or Vive pucks). And from the discussion in there the general consensus (of the community, not the developers), was that there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn’t make it advantageous to own an extra piece of hardware. I.e. there’s nothing wrong with a treadmill as long as you have the same range of speed and you can go in the same directions as you can without a treadmill.

From a developer point of view (I speak as someone with very little knowledge of development so feel free to correct me), the more devices you support, the more likely you are to encounter bugs or balance issues due to the additional code required. Secondly, the more devices you support, the more work you have to do that doesn’t benefit the average player. This is somewhat case by case, but there is a big difference between remapping the touchpad movement system to a treadmill (relatively low time), to re-coding the hand to be able to open individual fingers and the way that this interacts with objects. How many fingers do you have to close to pick something up? how closed do they have to be? etc. (relatively high time).

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We don’t have any plans to add support for Leap Motion right now. It might happen at some point in the future but it would be very far into the future. Right now our main goal is just getting the game out the door with what we’ve already planned to do, and that alone is going to take until the end of the year to accomplish.