Leaving orbus permanently

Mini me know me but I have been playing Orvis for the past six months and recently I haven’t played for almost 2 1/2 months and I decided to permanently delete the game. I’ll give it a shot. It wasn’t my type of game. I met some awesome people, but I will still be playing VR, but I just messaged the game master to have my account flagged for deletion. everyone has their type of game that this is not the type of game for me. Everyone stay healthy stay safe see you in the Metaverse.

okay thats cool

I agree that everyone has their own type of game. And it’s totally fine to dislike and quit Orbus. But the fact that you figured it prudent to not only announce it on the forums but then shill for Mark Suckerburg and his “metaverse” despite it not being anything similar is quite laughable

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Hmm, we don’t see posts like this very often.
I also struggle to figure out why an account should be permanently deleted, when it would be totally fine just leaving it away (IMO, most former players do that)
Anyway, good luck to you! Hope you find a new favorite soon.


ok? was an announcement necessary? this isn’t everyone’s game and that’s fine but this seems kinda attention seaking-ish.

I was trying to get the game master to contact me to start the process I sent to multiple emails and no response so I got what I was looking for this purpose for me posted

why tho? why get your account deleted? it’s a pain honestly and maybe you’ll wanna return one day.


I asked them to im not ever coming back too much has happened in game I lost my cousin brother And sister so just play sole games and pc mmos

How do you lose people in an MMO that has only one city to go to…

If you’re quitting Orbus and going through all this trouble to delete your account just cause you couldn’t find your relatives in a small area… that’s a skill issue.

And PC MMOs i’m afraid aren’t that much better. In fact, they are way worse for finding the location of each other.

If you want my advice, I think you’re quitting the game before even giving it a chance. You put it down simply because you couldn’t do what you needed instead of going around asking for help or doing it yourself. Try getting to level 30 and playing shards until you get a minimum of all 30+1 gear for your preferred class.

If you can do all that for me, and still wish to delete your account, I would understand. And i’d even pay you 50$ for wasting your time.

That’s how confident I am that you’re just not playing this game right.

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Cetni the legend

Handling this Via PMs with OP.