Left-handed combos

As a left-handed player, I’m finding it annoying to level up as a warrior. The most used combo for soloing (wound), and provoke are both made with right-handed play in mind.

Moving from a shield block position to a wound combo quickly is very awkward and not immersive. With the sword in the right hand, you would just hold your hand to your right ready to swing in an arc to the left in the same motion you use to move your shield out of the way. With the sword in the left hand, however, you have to cross your arms in front of your chest holding the right controller in front of you and your left controller close to your right shoulder. Clearly not something you’d do in real life when fighting with sword and shield as it’s a very awkward position to fight in.

So I propose a toggle in the options that lets players mirror all the right/left components of combos for warrior. It should be simple to implement and would go a long way to improve warrior for lefties, imo.

With the toggle activated, warrior combos would look like this:
Provoke: Right, Left, Up.
Cleave: Left, Up, Up, Right.
Wound: Right, Up, Right, Left.
Hamstring: Up, Left, Right, Up.

Reflecting the changes in the journal wouldn’t even be needed at first, if skipping that could speed up the solution. The journal can always be updated further down the road when there’s less pressing matters like bugs and such.


I totally agree. I tried switching to lefty to attempt to be a little ambidextrous and could not get used to the awkward combos. I thought it was just me being a bad lefty but that makes a lot of sense.

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Seems like a good idea. I don’t see any reason why this shouldn’t just automatically activate if you put the Sword into your left-hand weapon slot.


If its automatic, there should probably be some sort of message indicating that the combos will be mirrored (perhaps the first time you equip a sword on the left slot). That way people that are not aware of it wouldn’t get frustrated trying to do combos for right-handers.

In any case, it would be awesome for it to happen. Currently holding on playing warrior (and doing exercise :P) due to this.

Wooo gooo Lefties! I had the hardest time trying out warrior because it felt weird to swing in that manner.

Just have to change the language from left/right to inside/outside

Hearing this I will surely be waiting to try out warrior for a little bit

I’m left handed. I started playing a warrior a few days ago, and I find the combos to be just fine. If you do add this, could it be an option to keep the existing way of combos? I probably wouldn’t mind either or if I had never played the class before, but it would now require retraining of muscle memory if it was to change down the road.

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