Left handed Runemage

Is there any left handed player who has successfully pulled off a level 3 Frostbolt. I feel that it is mechanically impossible to do. With the right hand it appears to be a simple back hand gesture to add the line. Left handed seems far more difficult. I can do all other spells including Res and Tele. Any help would be appreciated.

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I have never gotten frost t3 left handed, but I can on occasion right handed. I was wondering if any natural lefty had managed.

I really don’t think it’s possible. I am, however hoping someone proves me wrong.

I’d like to know this too. I haven’t gone Runemage yet, but as a natural lefty I’d like to hear the answer.

I think it’s possible, but it seems like it would be an uncomfortable motion to make with your left hand. With the right hand it’s a pretty simple motion. But with your left, you’d have to like… jab it forward and down or something. Maybe try drawing the F further to your right so it’s easier to get that slash?

Virtually impossible in my opinion. Think I’ll contact the Devs.

I have been able to do it left handed. But it’s completely different from the right handed casting. Instead of doing a backhand I just push the wand through as if drawing a straight edge.

Keep in mind this is only after I mastered the two standard ways of casting F3 and then the shortcuts so I know exactly where I want that line for whenever the casting system favors one of the standards.

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If I try to, shall we say, push the wand through the pattern it’s like a big wriggly worm.

The worm might be due to reprojection. One time I turned it all off and boom, the lines were much straighter. But then this makes moving, you notice a frame drop way more.

I have casted many F3s with a squiggly line at this point so its not always how squiggly the line is.

One thing many mages are not making sure of is whether the actual F2 is solid enough for the third line to matter.

But yeah, left hand casting requires me to “punch” at the frostbolt which is not how many other mages trained their F3 casting on the right hand (they lean in and stroke).

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It is nigh on impossible to do the level 3 Frostbolt as a leftie. Could the developer possibly look at making an alternative solution stroke for the additional angled stroke. Maybe going right side to left. (Basically the opposite of what it is now) not change it, just make it so either stroke would trigger the spell.


Nice! Glad to hear someone has managed. I shall get there! :grinning:

Although… it would be kind of neat to have all the runes be mirrored if you hold the wand in your left hand. Then all the spells would be just as easy to draw left handed as right. Probably would be annoying to update all the documentation though. Maybe just a little notification pop up when you put the wand in your left hand.

Or even just have an option in the settings to mirror the runes regardless of which hand the wand is in. Might be easier, and you’d probably have a good idea of what you’re doing if you went in to turn that option on.

I too am left handed and wondered about this. On frost bolt 3 I’ve been able to cast it 3 times in the 100’s of tries I’ve attempted. Seems like my success was doing it the way the above poster said and making an awkward forward push motion. It normally results in a really wiggly line which is why I think it doesn’t take. I don’t think ALL spells should be mirrored but there are some that definitely need looking at for us fellow lefties.


It might be helpful to see a video of how you’re drawing it to know what you mean. I think the way you are describing it is how I draw it anyway but I might be misunderstanding

Also Frostbolt 3 is the hardest spell to draw in the game right now. It’s honestly probably too hard. So it may not be anything to do with left handedness. There are a lot of right handed mages who can’t do it either.

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As a right handed rune mage, I have never been able to cast Frostbolt 3 and was made fun of for it :stuck_out_tongue: because apparently for someone else it is “very easy.”


Everyone has their own “hard spells” to cast. Decurse is one of my worst spells casting wise, used to be Polymorph but i’ve practiced that and in hindsight it doesn’t seem that hard. I honestly can’t cast the level 1 fireball and frost anymore either.

I used to be able to cast level 2 fireball without any troubles, but now like every time I draw it, it casts a level 1 fireball instead. I’ve been getting like “perfect” casts with fireball 1 and I follow the book for fireball 2. It’s weird. I think that when they come out with the magic healing class I’ll be doing that one.

I like the fact the spells get harder the more powerful they are. This really has nothing to do with that. I believe the mechanics of the spell make it extremely difficult for left handed players. For a leftie the final stroke becomes a stabbing motion and this without fail results in a very uneven line. As I’ve said, I can cast all other spells. I’d love to video my trying it for you but I have no idea how to. 2 suggestions would be, to meet a left handed player in game (In god mode) so you can see the attempted spell. Or write a small programme mirroring the spell and try it yourself. I’m only suggesting flipping/mirroring that one part of the rune. Keep the f as it is just add an extra line for lefties.

I can confirm, that drawing it left handed is not easy due to that punch/stab motion. The stabbing motion requires similar strategies that people use when drawing right handed, usually movement of the whole body while stepping in.

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I don’t know if Frostbolt 3 is that hard to cast as a right handed person. It doesn’t seem to match up to it’s statue perfectly with the way I cast it, but I get it to cast just about every time (until I start getting sloppy).

I draw the Frostbolt 2 (fairly large) then when doing the line through it, I hold my wand pointing to my left, then chop it through the F, straightening my wrist out as it passes through so that it’s a relatively straight line.

When I was first learning it, I would step forward while doing this, since that line needs to be pretty long. One tip would be to not draw the line as steep as it appears. It’s not horizontal, but it’s not from top to bottom of the F either.