Left handed runemages

Frost 3 in particular is impossible - if not extremely hard - to cast for left handed people due to the stroke from left to right.

Perhaps a lefty mode would help. Or allow the stoke to the casted right to left as well.

The stroke is that 3D line. Easier for right hands due to the bend in the elbow. Lefties must try to do it with the wrist (which is not possible to get that straight line).

Just putting it out there. I can cast just fine but Frost 3 was clearly made for right-hand people.

I could use tips if any left handers can do frost 3


And that is why most lefty runmages cast with right hand. It sucks though.

X3 I can’t even write my name with my right hand.

That means a lefter not only have to practice getting used to their right hand, but also practice the spells.

I am not going to change my way of play and relearning every spell. I’ve already spent a good 50 hours practices to do the D method.

And for all I know, I can’t do 8 ball because I’m left handed. Probably discovered by a right hander.

I just read that Scott is a left handed runemage. I wonder how hard frost 3 is for him. I saw him spamming affliction 2 earlier.

I’ve done 8 ball left handed once. It was entirely just to see if I could, and it was about as fast as casting Affliction 2 correctly lol. It’s possible but… lefty. Ew :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve casted fireball 2 from 8 ball so many times. Would tracing 8 ball on the player book help?

I told you my frost 3 method a few days ago I thought :thinking: ya its hard for lefthanded :confused:

Nah, malice shown me his way.

I am left handed and have casted every spell at some point/ would say i’m a mediocre mage. Im not as good now but could chain cast frost 3 to get about 4 of them in the air at a time so if you find the method that works for you and practice then its possible. I would argue it probably takes more practice compared to right handed mages to git gud but its defiantly possible.

P.s. Scott taught me how to frost 3 so if you know his method then you know mine as well

As a right handed person that plays mage almost exclusively left handed after the first month or so, I disagree one is more difficult than the other. Just different on occasion. I describe that 3D line as a “tennis swing” instead of a wrist movement. No issue chain casting. I’ve successfully taught first-day left handed mages to cast frost 3 in first session before, as well as other right-handed mages (varying experience levels) curious about left after seeing me do it. Gif of a perfect cast below (links to other thread where it was posted) link to YouTube video of the perfect cast.

Frost 3 video

Hopefully that will be a useful base to construct shortcuts from. The two stroke (‘candy cane’ plus 3D line) also work, but including the second diagonal for the F gives a decent visual point of where the 3D line should fall. It doesn’t have to be exact and perfectly intersect, but still works well if within an inch of that intersection up/right (as in, slightly above the second diagonal, and to the right of the vertical)

Edit: since the old gif isn’t working, trying to get another once my computer cooperates and will post when done Updated link. Also willing to meet in-game for anyone that would like to learn my method for frost 3 or other spells. Also thinking on it more, “table tennis swing” may be a more accurate description since my left elbow is close to my body, as if I’m standing at the left of the tennis table and sending the ball diagonally to the right, downward enough to bounce mid-way on my side before going over the net

Gif don’t work for me unfortunately. You say a tennis swing huh, I’ve been trying that with no success but if it is possible then I’m just not doing it right.

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