Left handedness + Scoundrel class


The Scoundrel is a fun class to play but being left handed I use the gun in my left hand and the cards are still on the far left side of the screen so to interact with them i have to reach far over and across my hand.

please change it to either switch sides depending on which hand the gun is or to make it customise-able for what side it should be on.

P.S. on this note if it does become customise-able could the warrior horn be chosen as well, it doesn’t feel like a natural movement to use the horn for me currently.


Hey There,
I have to agree somewhat with Ewok, after reading up on the Scoundrel I fancied giving it a try, I attempted to study the use of cards Etc… after I logged in and put the six-shooter in my hand, my gun is in my left hand the cards are to my left makes it very hard to use the deck of cards!
Is there a way to change which hand you hold your weapon? I looked through all the settings and found nothing in reborn or OrbusVR (it would be ideal for people to decide which hand to use as there weapon hand)

Looking forward to Orbus VR Reborn coming live.


we will make sure it either automatically switches the cards to the correct side or have a setting for this. sorry for inconvience.


If you prefer the right hand, yes you can swap. Open your menu/inventory where you can see your character, click on the gun/whatever weapon, and move it to the slot on the opposite right side.
Any weapon can be in either hand upon preference. This particular weapon just needs adjusting for left hand, like the Reborn fishing pole. It’s fine in current Orbus.


Hi Airis,
Thanks for the prompt reply:grinning:
Yes, I can understand adjusting the position of the deck if left-handed, and yes again after reading Ewok’s post I searched Orbus VR’s forum about the weapon switching and read how to switch.

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Hey Robert,
Cheers thanks for prompt reply.


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