Let us use capes as furniture

I want to be able to display capes in my player house.


+1 would be good

Agreed especially since it would mean that people might not break down their capes :eyes: blasphemy


lol, wonder who that could be.

Would be really nice to be able to use any item as furniture. So many pets… lost and alone…


Yes please! This would be great. I’d love to hang my prized capes up to all of my 30 plaques.

It’ll look nice.

Now that you mention it pets would be really cool too. Like there’s even furniture meant to hold dragons already but no dragons to put in them.

I just want something to do with my super rare/limited pets and capes beyond having them collect dust in my player chest. I just think it would be very emotionally satisfying to beat a raid for the first time and be able to hang the cape on your wall to mark your progress or be able to give your first dragon a special place in your house so you never forget about it.

I don’t think it would be super hard either. The game already renders the models exactly as you would want them to appear when you have them equipt and when you put dragons in the tank


I support this initiative 100%!

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I would think anything that has been rendered in three dimensions should be allowed into the chest. And I think more space should be allowed.

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Definitely more space, with more stuff getting added I have to constantly take things out

Thats what that one huge empty room is for, When fully upgraded it has a ton of slots I believe.

Doesn’t have any more slots than any of the other furniture chests.
16 furniture slots is currently max for every room.