Let's talk about the new Lantern

Decided to log in after a 2 week break and put my lanter together. Yay, a lovely little light source I thought. I hadn’t really checked out the newley darkened mines and walked over to see how it illuminated. I was immediately struck by 2 issues.

  1. The lantern has a ridiculously low illumination range and is not really effective at illumination. Strange as it seemed to be implemented for the exact thing that was being changed. The solution to this is that we can toss the lanterns around in dungeons and have them illuminate for the group were they land. That way they can be strategically tossed by all players to illuminated areas of engagement.

  2. It is useless. As soon as you equip your weapon it disappears. What’s the point of even putting it together if we’re just going to have to fight in the dark and only have light when we walk. The solution in point 1 could make this better, but I’m not putting my weapon away every few seconds just to toss this thing out. That’s just annoying.

After realizing point 2 I felt I had wasted my time entirely gathering the resources and putting it together. Who cares about a cosmetic lantern that has no utility in actual game gameplay?


That’s only for ranger, bard and på paladin(2/3 of the main classes you play lol), other classes don’t have that issue so an extra f you to people who play those classes

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Haha, so the 2 classes I play mainly won’t benefit from it. Silly stuff. As this was a feature added, I’m really surprised at the outcome.

Wanted to also mention the lighting from the lanter is super inconsistent in the mines. In certain spots its reflecting light off the floor and making good light then move a bit and its barley lighting anything at all. Unity has a good lighting engine, but something seems super off in Orbus.

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