Level 0 Bald Loading Characters Login Screen


How do I fix this?

I’ve restarted steam and everything


It it just sitting there “Loading…”?


Yes sir.


This happens when you’re not connected to a server, I assume your pc is connected to the internet?


Yeah lol.

We were unable to successfully authenticate your store account with our game servers. Please try closing and re-opening the program.

I’ve reopened like 10 times


Nooooooooooooo crap dude that’s a Riley thing I think.


Finally resolved after the 12th login.



Some of the tracking sites say that steam web api is down right now. Orbus uses this, so if steam is having some issues then I think it would affect Orbus in this way without actually being down.

Just a guess?


Aaah. So I am re-installing my game for nothing right now :confused: Bc I got the same problem ATM.


Yeah, luckily I remember this happening before. Seems like last time some requests are going through, but I’m pretty sure it’s the issue or something similar.


Looks like it was the Steam Web API like Luvstosmootch mentioned acting up and preventing logins. Hopefully it stays stable. For future reference if that happens again, you can check https://steamstat.us/ to see if that’s the case.


Still happening and I’m mid level 10 dungeon… Just dc’d during a boss and now I can’t login…

API is Normal on the page.

Edit: Got in after 5 game restarts.


https://steamdown.net Is another site you can check. I’m guessing they monitor in different ways.


Happened to me too. There was a steam update and after the update I couldn’t login… I attempted about 5 times. After a computer restart it resolved the issue for me.


Happening to myself as well. It’s been about 20 minutes or so, I am still having issues with logging in.

Update, I have restarted the game about ten times now, restarted steamvr, restarted steam, restarted the computer, and now reinstalled the game. No luck still.

Double Update: Maybe on the fifteenth restart, I finally got in. I will never shutdown orbus ever again.


i got that issue today


Is anyone else still getting the level 0 login screen? I keep getting kicked back to login screen from the game and then I have the lvl 0 character in menu. Sometimes I can only fix it by restarting the game. Happens about every 20 minutes of being online for the past 3 days. Alternate connection doesn’t fix it.


Yep, getting it as well coupled with the disconnects.



I get this too, especially after i desync.