Level 20 Shards

There should be newer endgame content and I think level 20 shards could be the answer. Most shards on a 15 are pretty easy. There are a few issues with this I can agree with, Higher level shards for end game - #6 by Åsmund_T in that thread Potato had brought up.

While this in plain practice makes Hmc obsolete, I had thought instead of dropping gear it could drop a “Chaos Token” (Chaos tokens do not have a limit on weekly drops you can do it all in the same week). Using 5 “Chaos Tokens” could upgrade One piece of armor from +6 to +7, and Using 8 "Chaos Tokens to upgrade your epic +6 to legendary +6 then 8 more for a legendary +7 (This one can not be used to make the +8). If you Have an Hmc +7 Using 16 tokens can make it a +8.

Now, this may seem grindy and it certainly is, making “chaos tokens” a 50/50 drop would probably settle the grind at 36 tokens with a +6 epic, and 46 with a +7 Citidale wand. With a 50/50 drop rate, it will be around 72 level 20 dungeons starting with a +6 epic, and 102 with a plus seven.

The upsides of this are we will have something different to aim for while the devs are programming newer content. Something to do instead of afking at fellowship, and new transmogs.

Now how will this gear be made, I think I have a solid idea for it. We implement a new event that basically is a collective effort of all players (like Defend the realm and Explore the Realm), To build a new town. Upon completion of the event, the level 20 shards come out along with the gear.

Basically tldr. Level 20 shards will provide something to do and implement a token system of 5 per piece of +6, and 8 for +6 epic to +6 leg, 8 more to +7. Then +7’s dropped by stephoteph can be made into +8. This token system will have no weekly limit. Level 20 shards are something that we can do and if we make it this grindy the devs will have longer to push out another raid, dungeon, or even an overworld zone.


segments of 3 it would have to be 18 or 21 but yea a shard increase would be cooler then not higher shards


fair i had forgot it was increments of three i just went off of when the shard cap was raised by 5.

i think i was lvl 10 that was new
so 1-9 were there then another 6 where added with temple and mine

Was 1-10, then they increased to 15. 1-10 worked really well for their 3 at a time system too, cause then you had 7-9 dropping +3 and then +4 was only available in level 10 shards, if 9 was the highest then there would be little reason to do 9s since you could get the same gear in a level 7.
They solved that with 15s by having the chance of +6 legendary only in level 15 to create incentive to do them.
So while a round jump to level 20 shards might please people’s OCDs more, a jump to 19 might be better from a gamedesign point of view since it would create that incentive to do the highest level shard for the best gear without needing some special chance at a higher + level legendary. Alternatively breaking the 3 at a time pattern and have for example 16, 17, 18 and 19 drop +6 gear then +7 from level 20.

Although I guess the post was suggesting a different system altogether than gear, to avoid making raids irrelevant. This i do agree with and in that case there isn’t really anything wrong with a jump by 5.


Just make expert shards, and you have a vendor that can turn a 15 into an expert shard level 1 or sum. And a max level expert shard(5) would have all modifiers. Including weekly ones. Just some chaos, also 2x bosses with 1/2 hp would be fun.
Dont ever see this happeneing we will have 15s only forever, and stop pumping out higher level gear, makes it too easy. Hell even with a +3 you can destroy 15s


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