Level 30 shards (simple)

step 1: add level 30 shards

all you gotta do is add level 30 shards, with gear increasing + level at the rate it currently levels by. keep the textures the same i dont care. dont even bother adding affixes for the new shards keep them as the level 15s. and just use the SAME algorithm that the 1-15 scales off of now. but just extend it out to 30. players will have to push their skill to unimaginable limits and cause people to be absolutely on the grind. literally all that needs to happen is add the gear with the same textures and everything just higher + levels, and use the same difficulty algorithm that is used for 1-15 but up to 30 instead. 30 would be very very difficult maybe even not possible who knows. the player base would work and push to as high as possible. showing a true skill and its farmable good gear rewarded by high skilled gameplay. players will push themselves and have a whole new experience. this seems very possible and low effort to add. and would add a TON of new fun and content.


Big daddy K strikes again

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I would genuinely love this and it’s the most realistic thing the devs can add to keep player and bring people back and people have said “oh add lvl 18 shards” but I think that’s a bad idea cause it brings people back for a few days and then they leave again lvl 30 would essentially be playing everything we’ve done in shards till now over again an entire 15 more levels except no ones getting carried cause we’d all be just starting and shards are just more fun more often instead of them working so hard on a new raid for people to just come back one day a week but new shard means at least 1 massive spike in players a day and old players coming back would also mean new players wouldn’t be worried that the games dead so we’d likely get more new players and as stated before this isn’t a difficult thing to add there is a member of the community who could and maybe would code this into the game in a day


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