License Question: Quest, Rift, account linking


Hi all, I just bought the game and haven’t even logged in yet but trying to do things right. I intend to play with my wife (one of us on Quest, one on Rift) but I am confused about licensing. My current understanding is that once you log into Orbus on either the Quest or the Rift (bought via Oculus store) it becomes linked to your Oculus account - is this correct? If so we can work around it, but it’s kind of a bummer because whoever logs into Orbus on the Quest first is locked to the Quest (because the Quest doesn’t support Oculus account switching).

If the above is true then I’ll have to decide whether to buy another copy for the Rift on Steam or the Oculus store (under a new Oculus account for my wife). If I buy on Steam does my Steam account get linked to the Orbus account?


You can only link one OrbusVR account to one store account. Your OrbusVR account contains your characters.

If you just want to get up and running with one copy, I have seen some people say that basically you could login to the same Oculus account on your Quest and Rift, and then since you can create up to two characters on your single OrbusVR account, you could play on both of those characters at once on two different devices with just one copy of the game. So at that point you’re talking one Oculus account, and one OrbusVR account.

If you want your wife to have her own OrbusVR account (so you would get a total of 4 character slots), then you would have to buy another copy of the game, and link it to another separate Oculus or Steam account. Or if you want to have a separate Oculus account on the Rift and the Quest, same thing.

Playing on Rift S and Quest at the same time?(same account)

Let’s say there’s one Oculus account linked to one Orbus account. Two character slots. Can those two characters be logged in at the same time in order to play together as long as there’s two headsets logged in to that shared account? I didn’t think that was possible, but is it?

I think that’s what you said, but :open_mouth:


That’s what some folks on Reddit said. We have no plans to prevent it assuming it’s true.

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Playing on Rift S and Quest at the same time?(same account)

I think that was the same orbus account linked to both steam and oculus, one on the pc and other on the quest, I do however have a quest so I will check how it works with both on oculus on the same orbus account and let you know what works and what does not work

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Thanks for this confirmation, it’s what I needed to know. The way it works today is not great for my use case, but I get that it’s more an Oculus issue than yours. Lack of Oculus account switching on the Quest is a problem for lots of games.

It’s good to know that we could use the multiple character slots to play on one account. That could work if we could buy more slots - I feel uncomfortable with this solution though because if we invest lots of hours in our characters and eventually need separate accounts for some reason someone’s character will get orphaned.

I think for our use case I’ll go ahead and make a second Oculus account and buy a second copy there. Oculus is likely to enable account switching eventually, and when that happens we would then be able to choose who gets to play Orbus on the Quest. If I buy a second copy on Steam it wouldn’t help for the Quest.


So I just tested it using Oculus store (same account as quest) on my PC to launch the game and logged into “Rickness” and then went on the quest and logged into my second character “Richness” and was able to play on both, traded some extra mats over to my other character fine, seems to have no issues apart from my quest characters left hand was there but couldn’t use it to move/interact with anything

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You can ask the devs to move a character from one account to another, when the time arrives, they did that for me :wink:


I started out playing on my husband’s account on his vive. He got me a rift and Riley was kind enough to move my character over to my new account :slight_smile: