Lich king and Dungeon Troll boss tips guide


Made a couple Lich king dungeon cheat sheets for anyone who hasn’t beat it yet. Let me know if i got anything totally wrong. This is just what I’ve gathered after beating it twice.




should put a spoiler tag on it :slight_smile:

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Is there a specific button for that, or do you mean just add it to the title? Thanks btw


yeah you can use the option cog and ‘hide details’ I think


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Got it, thank you for that i appreciate the help


you so funny put a spoiler haha


Oh what was frank just trolling me? Lol


No he was just adding a bit of humor to his point. It’s good etiquette to give people the option of figuring things out on their own. Some people really dig no spoilers. But it’s really awesome you did this for those that want tips ect.

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really nice. reposted here:


it wasnt noted that you should run the boss onto the spikes which stuns him and makes him take increased damage

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